Perkin Elmer TMA 7 and DMA 7e Thermal Analysis Dewar Kit
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Perkin Elmer TMA 7 and DMA 7e Thermal Analysis Dewar Kit


  • 50 nm Displacement Sensitivity Thermomechanical Analyzer
  • 3-Point Bending Measuring System Compatible
  • Extension Analysis Measuring System Compatible
  • TAC 7/DX Thermal Analysis Controller

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N519-0792 TMA 7 / N519-0514 DMA 7e Dewar Kit:
• (1) N519-0768 Dewar Liner
• (1) N519-2130 Grommet - Lower Dewar
• (1) N519-2132 Gasket
• (1) N519-2102 Gasket - Dewar
• (1) N519-2136 Heatsink - Large Furnace
• (1) N519-2105 Plug - Filler
• (1) N519-2115 Anti-Diffusion Cap
• (1) N519-0775 Funnel
• (9) 0991-1245 Washer #8 SS
• (1) 0992-1022 O-Ring Silicone 2/228
• (2) 0991-0499 Screw 10/32 x 7/8 SHC SS
• (2) 0990-7617 Hex Nut 10/32 SS
• (2) 0991-1246 Washer #10 SS
• (2) O-Ring Silicone 2/113

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The Perkin Elmer TMA 7 and DMA 7e Thermal Analysis Dewar Kit features a TMA 7 Thermomechanical Analyzer and a DMA 7e Analyzer. The kit is used to obtain data in the ambient to sub-ambient temperature range on the DMA 7e and TMA 7 analyzers. Liquid Nitrogen may be used in the Dewar for operation from -170°C and ice water may also be used in the Dewar for operation from 25°C. The standard furnace size for the DMA 7e is the large (28 mm) furnace, while the TMA 7 analyzer uses a small (15 mm) furnace. The temperature range is from -170°C to 500°C when using a large furnace and -170°C to 1000°C when using a small furnace. The Dewar Kit can also be used on the DMA 7 and older TMA 7 analyzers.

The Dewar is easily installed and removed from the analyzer, allowing the turbulent chamber and other environmental systems to be used. It is recommended that a second furnace be purchased if you will be switching between the Dewar and the turbulent chamber on a regular basis. This will allow for a dedicated furnace in each assembly, making it even faster to change between the two.

Product Family: TMA 7, DMA 7e, TMA7, DMA7e, TMA/7, DMA/7e, TMA-7, DMA-7e, TMA.7, DMA.7e, DMA7, DMA 7, DMA-7, DMA.7, DMA/7, N519-0524, N5190524, N519/0524, N519.0524, N519 0524, N519-0792, N5190792, N519/0792, N519.0792, N519 0792, TMA7/DMA7, TMA7/DMA7e, N519-0617, N539-0141, N519
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