Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging CL-P1-4096W-518W CCD Line Scan Camera
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Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging CL-P1-4096W-518W CCD Line Scan Camera


  • 4096 Resolution
  • 2 Outputs for High Line Rates
  • 8-Bit Data @ 25MHz Per Output (50MHz Total Pixel Rate)
  • Exposure Control and Antiblooming

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The power supply, lens, and lens mount are not included. Please contact Teledyne Dalsa for pricing and availability.

• Resolution: 4096 x 1
• Pixel Size: 10 μm x 10 μm
• Output Image Sensor: IL-P1

Stock # 99275-1

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Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging Piranha CL-P1 Series Line Scan Cameras provide superb digitized video with excellent responsivity at 25MHz per output on two outputs.

The Piranha cameras use patented modular architecture. This system of connecting circuit modules through standardized busses allows DALSA to build a high-performance modular camera using the reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of high-volume interchangeable parts. Within the camera, a driver board provides bias voltages and clocks to the CCD image sensor, a timing board generates all internal timing, and an A/D board processes the video and digitizes it for output.

Product Family: CL-P1-4096W-518W, CLP14096W518W, CL/P1/4096W/518W, CL.P1.4096W.518W
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