Newport LWD (Low Wavefront Distortion) Series Mirror Mounts
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Newport LWD (Low Wavefront Distortion) Series Mirror Mounts


  • Designed to Minimize Wavefront Distortion
  • Interferometer Verified
  • Axial Three-Point Optic Mounting

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This unit includes two Newport BD17.04 Differential Micrometers.

SL51BM Configurations:
• Optic Diameter: 2 in (50.8 mm)
• Drive Type: Micrometer
• Adjustments: &952;x, &952;y
• Sensitivity: 3.9 Arc Sec
• Angular Range: ± 2°
• Thread Type: 1/4-20 (M6) SLOT

BD17.04 Configurations:
• Travel Range: 4.3 mm
• Drive Type: Knob
• Axial Load Capacity: 45 N
• Fine Travel: 0.30 mm
• Graduations, Fine: 1 µm
• Sensitivity: 0.1 µm

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The Newport LWD (Low Wavefront Distortion) Series Mirror Mounts are specifically designed to hold mirrors in a way that will not induce optical distortion. They use an axial three-point mounting method to gently, but securely, hold optics with tight flatness tolerances.

Product Family: SL51BM, LWD, LWD Series, Low Wavefront Distortion, Low Wavefront Distortion Series
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