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Pace TF-2000 BGA / CSP Rework System
This PACE TF-2000 BGA / CSP Rework System is used and in good condition. The PC, software, connection cables, cooling fan, or other attachements are not included. Please contact manufacturer for(...) pricing and availability.

System Configuration:
• Base Station: TF 2000BE
• Reflow Station: TF 2000R
• Placement Station: TF 2000P
• Input Voltage: 230VAC

Guzik RWA XMIT Host Adapter
This Guzik RWA XMIT Host Adapter is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 301270, 301270Q
Excelitas / Lumen Dynamics Acticure 4000 Ultraviolet / Visable Spot Cure System
This This unit is also known as the EFOS Acticure 4000 Ultraviolet / Visable Spot Cure System. This is for the Acticure 4000 unit itself, there are no accessories(...) included.

• Lamp Type: 100 W Mercury Arc lamp

Input Power: 90-264 VAC

Leybold / Inficon WS751-100 Main Board
This Leybold / Inficon 751-102 is the XTC 751-001-G2 Deposition Controller Main Board.

Part Number: 751-100, 751-102
Asyst Technologies / MECS CS-1000 Wafer Robot Control System
• (2) Cables Included - Meant to connect to the UTX-1100 Wafer Robot
• UTC-P / UTC-S Module Installed
• RS232C-1 / EXT-1 Module Installed
• EXT-2 Module Installed
• Input Voltage: 115 VAC Only

Hamada Empty Wafer Cassette (300mm, Qty 25)
This Wafer Cassette holds Quantity 25 of 300mm wafers. It does not include any silicon wafers.

Example Part Number of a Full Cassette: 2ERWF-1306P
Jonard / OK Industries FCR-2201 Forced Convection Rework System
• Input Voltage: 115VAC
• Air Source: High Efficiency Diaphragm Pump
• Air Flow: Variable, 3-20 1/min

• (1) FCR-2200 Base
• (1) FCT-2228 Handpiece
• (1) 18131S FCT Holder

KLA Tencor CRS-3100 Optical Review System
This system appears to be complete, with the exception of the Signal Light Tower. The system light tower was likely uninstalled when the instrument was decommissioned to fit through a doorway and(...) became orphaned. System includes: CRS-3100 Optical Review System, Sony Trinitron Color Video Monitor, Toshiba Image Master Digital Video Printer, Sony Trinitron Multiscan Monitor, Blower, Hoses for Blower, Keyboard and Mouse, Emergency Stop Switch, RGB Video Cables, Toshiba Remote Printer Control, VGA Cable (Box), XYZ Controller. For specific photos of what is included, see bottom of this stock-item.

We do not have the expertise to fully test this unit and have documented all the information gathered from it in this page. It is recommended that the purchaser of this system contact KLA-Tencor for installation, setup and maintenance. A very good effort was made to retain accessories. This item will be sold as/is without warranty and will be priced accordingly. However, if desired, this unit can be inspected on-site. Please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales to set this up.

This unit will ship in several crates. See picture section for photo of crates.

Signal Light Tower is Not Included

PC Configuration:
• Processor: Pentium III 850Mhz
• OS: Windows NT 4.0 SP6
• Memory: 265 MB RAM
• Hard Drive: 17 GB HDD
• Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor Included

Software Installed:
• Hummingbird Connectivity V7.0
• Equinox Quickview V530
• Equinox V4.16
• Iomega
• Iomega backup
• EQT32 V3.15
• Adobe Acrobat 4.0
• KLA Tencor 2.1.3
• KLA Tencor CRS V6.0.0.13 June 13 2004

Input Voltage: 208VAC, Single Phase

View Photo of CRS 3100
View Photo of CRS 3100
View Photo of CRS 3100
View Photo of hour meter for the laser
View Photo of computer, emergency stop and xyz controller
View Photo of video monitor and printer
View Photo of blower motor and hoses

Keysight / Agilent 16058-60005 Socket Board for Transistor Sockets
This Socket Board has two transistor sockets for measurement of three lead or four lead bipolar transistors and FETs.(...) Either of the devices connected to the sockets can be selected by the Connection Switch on the Personality Board.
Inficon IC-6000 Vacuum Deposition Controller
This Inficon IC-6000 Vacuum Deposition Controller is used and in excellent condition.

• (2) OSC Source S/S Cards
• (1) I/O Card

Part Numbers: 013-075

MKS Instruments 270C-4-S High Accuracy Signal Conditioner
270C-4-S Configuration:
• 4½ digit display
• Gauge Factor Switch / Engineering Unit Switch
KLA Tencor / Filmetrics F30 In-situ Deposition and Etch Monitor
• Thickness Range: 15nm - 70μm
• Wavelength Range: 380-1050nm
American Hofmann R-11 Round-Spring Measuring Table
This American Hoffmann R-11 Round-Spring Measuring Table is used and in excellent condition. This unit includes two DIN-5c connectors.
Inficon IPN 013-001 Oscillator
This Inficon IPN 013-001 Oscillator is used and in excellent condition. It comes with a 6 in OSC cable, part number IPN 013-070.

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