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Ametek / Elgar AT8000 Programmable DC Power Supply System - Slave - No Modules
This Ametek / Elgar AT8000 Programmable DC Power Supply System is used, and in excellent condition. It is a Slave Chassis and requires connection to a Master Chassis for programming (this does not(...) have the GPIB IEEE-488 interface). The Master (host) serves as the controller of any connected Slave Chassis.

Model: AT8-16-04-03-02-1281

The interface cable for connecting this unit to a Master chassis is sold separately.

If you would like to purchase the AT8000 mainframe or modules separately, please contact an Artisan Technology Group sales associate for pricing and availability.

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7459-350 Single-Slot VME IDE CD-RW Module
• 3: DVD-R/CD-RW
• 5: 80 GB IDE Disk Drive
• 0: No Cables

Part Number: 332-007459-350000

Micro-Epsilon S600-1 Sensor
This Micro-Epsilon S600-1 Sensor is used and in excellent condition.

• Measuring Range: 1 mm ( .04 in.)
• Resolution: .5 ±µm
• Active Measuring Area, Diameter: 5.5 mm (.21 in.)

Texas Instruments PCS 1655778 Video Display VME Module
• (1) Motorola MC68901FN Processor, 4.0 MHz
• (1) Analog Devices AD9048 Monolithic 8-Bit Video A/D Converter
• (3) Altera EP910LC-30 Classic EPLDs

Part Numbers: PCS 1655778, PCS 1655778-1, 1655783, 1655783-1

Polar Toneohm 950 Multilayer Shorts Locator
This Polar Toneohm 950 Multilayer Shorts Locator is used and in excellent condition. This is for the base unit only, no accessories.

National Instruments SCC-TC01 Thermocouple Input Module Board
This unit does not include the plastic housing or terminal block.

Part Numbers: 184396A-01, 184396B-01, 777459-03

View National Instruments SC Signal Conditioning Connector Block.
View National Instruments SCC Digital Input/Output Modules.

OMRON XW2Z-050J-A20 I/O Cable
This OMRON XW2Z-050J-A20 I/O Cable is new from surplus stock. This unit ships in the original manufacturer's packaging.

• Cable Length: 0.5 meters
Abaco Systems / VMIC V7668A-131000 Single Board Computer
This unit is sealed in the original manufacturer's bag.

• Processor: T7400 Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile
• Processor Speed: 2.167 GHz
• SODIMM Memory: None
• Soldered Memory: 1 GB
• CompactFlash: 1GB
• (1) PMC Slot

Part Numbers: 605-109114-001

Emerson / Motorola MVME3600-1 Base I/O Module with PM604 Processor Memory Module
MVME3600-1 Base I/O Module Configuration:
• VME64
• 64 Bit PMC Expansion Slot
• 2 MB SVGA Graphics
• Front Panel Interfaces: Keyboard, Mouse, Floppy/LED
• 64-Bit PCI Mezzanine Connector
• Compatible with MVME761 Transition Module
• Scanbe Front Panel

Part Numbers: 01-W3170F 01H, 01-W1630B24K

PM604 Processor Memory Module Configuration:
• (2) PowerPC 604 Processor: 200 MHz
• 256 KB Cache Per Processor
• 256 MB DRAM
• 5 MB Flash
• Scanbe Front Panel

Part Number: 01-W3266F 01H
Daughter Card Part Number: 01-W3174F 03B

Emerson / Motorola PM604 Manual (pdf)

If you would like these boards separately, please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for pricing and availability.

StorCase Technology S21B101 & S21B102 DE110 5.25
This StorCase Technology S21B101 and S21B102 DE110 5.25" Ultra ATA/133 HH Receiving Frame and DE110 3.5" Ultra ATA/133 Cable-less LP Carrier Drive Enclosure is new from surplus.

• S21B101 DE110 5.25" Ultra ATA/133 HH Receiving Frame
• S21B102 DE110 3.5" Ultra ATA/133 Cable-less LP Carrier
• Hardware

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