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Excelitas / Lumen Dynamics 0.08 in./ 24.25 in. Light Guide Probe
• Spot Diameter, Exterior: Approximately 0.08 in (2 mm)
• Connector Diameter, Exterior: Approximately: 0.36 in. (9.1 mm)
• Cable Length: Approximately 24.25 in. (616 mm)
• Probe Length: 2 in (51 mm)

MKS Instruments 670A Signal Conditioner / Power Supply for Baratron
Part Number: 670AD81

670AD81 Configuration:
Operates MKS High Accuracy Baratron Pressure Sensors
Remote Interface: GPIB
American Hofmann OS-1 Optical Scanner with Cable
This American Hofmann OS-1 Optical Scanner with cable is used and in excellent condition.

•Cable Length: Approximately 35 in.
Headway Research PWM32-PS-CB15 Spinner Controller
This unit has an auxiliary connector and an AC output.
EMTS/Electroglas 244842 Memory Board
• 128 KB of OTPROM
• 16 KB of CMOS Static RAM

Part Number: 244842-001
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