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IKA HB 4 Basic Heating Bath
This IKA HB 4 Basic Heating Bath is Brand New and includes full manufacturer's warranty.

Cylindrical heating baths are made of high-grade recyclable materials. The heating elements are situated directly beneath the bath vessel. Baths feature a heat output of 1020W and a maximum bath volume of 5L (1.3gal.). Either low viscosity oil or water can be used as the heat transfer fluid. A double insulating jacket and carrying handles provide protection against burns.

Thermo / HAAKE RV-20 Vane Shear Rotovisco Apparatus
This Thermo / HAAKE RV-20 Vane Shear Rotovisco Apparatus is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 001-3455
Kipp & Zonen BD 112 Dual-Channel Chart Recorder
This Kipp & Zonen BD 112 Dual Channel Compact Flatbed Chart Recorder is used, and in excellent condition. It ships with what is left of the currently loaded chart paper (~ 1/2 roll).(...) No disposable fiber pens are included.
Argonaut Technologies Quest 205 / Quest 210 Miscellaneous Parts
These Argonaut Technologies Quest 205 / Quest 210 Miscellaneous Accessories are made up of used and new from surplus stock parts for the Quest 205 / 210. These are sold As-Is.

• P/N: 100020, fitting, ferrule, flngls, 1/8", yellow, tefzel
• P/N: 102004, tool, hex driver, 7/64"
• P/N: 102104, fab, molded, luer plug, upper manifold
• P/N: 102465, fitting, nut, flngls, 1/8", PPS
• P/N: 300296, ASM, drain lever
• P/N: 300319, ASM, tubing, vent line, bottle cap
• P/N: 900198, filter, tfe, svnt/rgnt inlet

Above is a list of the identifiable parts. There are more parts shown in the picture than what is listed above. We could not identify all of the parts. Also note, that what is included in this item may not be whole or complete. This item is sold As-Is.

Thermo 203-6500-00 Plastic Bezel
This Thermo 203-6500-00 Plastic Bezel is new from surplus stock.

Dimensions: 18.5 in (47 cm) x 12.4 in (31.5 cm) x 3.9 in (9.9 cm)
Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific G-25 Incubator Shaker
This unit does not include the shaker platform or RPM speed gauge.

Part Number: M1024-0000

View Photo of Inside of Incubator.
View Photo of missing RPM speed gauge.

Input Voltage: 120 VAC

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