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Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging X64-CL iPro PCI Frame Grabber
• Virtex-II: XC2VP20

Part Number: OR-64E0-IPROL
Cobham / Aeroflex / IFR STD 7000 ARINC Bus Controller
• Bus Logic Input PC Board
• Bus Analog Input PC Board
• (3) 429 Bus Output PC Boards
• VHS Output PC Board
• CPU PC Board
• I/O PC Board
• 32K EPROM Memory PC Board
• 16K RAM Memory PC Board

Ribbon / Performance Technologies / Ziatech ZT 5550 Pentium III cPCI Single Board Computer


• 500 MHz Pentium III Processor (EMC-2)

Part Number: ZT 5550D 1G
TE Connectivity / Communication Instruments HF 1319 K02 Relay
This is also known as TE Connectivity Part Number 5-1617532-0.
Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7487-725 Single Board Computer / Dual-Port Memory Board
This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIVME-7487-725 Dual-Port Memory Board is used and in excellent condition.

• Memory Size: 16 MB with VME64
• Mezzanine Options: Ethernet
• CPU Selection: 100 MHz 486DX4

Daughter Card Part Number: 332-800160-001

Curtiss-Wright / Systran SL240 66 MHz FibreXtreme Serial FPDP PCI Module
• LLC Optical Connectors
• 2.5 Gbps, 247 MB/s Data Rate
• 850nm Laser
• 1 Channels

Part Numbers: A-H-PR-BFSLXPC6-#-0-B1, FHE7-PC6MWB04-00, 14639

Tektronix / CDS 73A-412 Programmable Digital I/O Module
This unit is the earlier model of the VX4802.

Options: none

We can install Option 01 (64 mA TTL outputs) or Option 02 (open collector outputs) upon request. Please contact us for pricing and availibility.

Tehnician's Notes:
The 73A-412 is identical to the VX4802 module with the exception of a different model code, and VXI bus standard v1.2 verses v1.3 for the VX4802. The commands in the Operators manual are identical to the VX4802 manual. However, the VX4802 VXIpnp Driver Soft Front Panel does not work with the 73A-412.

Interface Technology SR5010 Timing / Control Module
This Interface Technology SR5010 Timing / Control Module is used an in excellent condition.


• (1) Ribbon Cable Installed
Acces PCI-DIO-48 Digital I/O Card
This unit includes the cable strain relief bar.

• 48-Bit Digital I/O
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