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Tektronix / CDS VX4372 48-Channel 2-Wire Reed Relay Scanner Slave
This Tektronix / CDS VX4372 48-Channel 2-Wire Reed Relay Scanner Slave is used and in excellent condition.
Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-5588-610 High-Speed Fiber-Optic 1.2 Gbaud Reflective Memory with Interrupts
Part Number: VMIVME-5588-610
• Memory: 16 MB
• 4 KB Transfer FIFO
• Multimode Fiber: TX/RX
• ST/PC Connector
National Instruments PCI-6014 B-Series Multifunction DAQ Card
• PCI Card Voltage: 3.3 / 5V

Part Numbers: 188626D-01, 188626H-01, 778627-01
National Instruments PCI-8431/2 High-Performance 4-Port Serial Interface (RS485)
• Standard: RS-485
• (2) Ports
• Isolated: No
• Max Baud: 2000.0 kbaud/s
• Connector Type: DB-9 Male

Part Number: 188825C-02L, 778980-01

Emerson / Motorola MVME162-522A Embedded Controller
• 32 MHz MC68040 Microprocessor with Floating-Point Coprocessor
• 512 KB SRAM
• (4) IndustryPack Ports
• Ethernet Transceiver Interface with 32-Bit Local Bus DMA

Part Number: 01-W3960B 65C
Daughtercard Part Number: 01-W3992B 03C

Keysight / Agilent E1433B 8-Channel 196 kSa/s Digitizer Plus DSP (w/ Options 1D1, AYF, UGV)
Opt 1D1: Povides real-time 1/1 or one-third octave measurements. Third octave bands cover 3.15 Hz to 20 kHz and the Full Octave bands cover 4 Hz to 16 kHz. All eight channels of the E1433B(...) can be performing real-time octave measurements simultaneously
Opt AYF: Tachometer Input
Opt UGV: Local bus interface installed

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