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Parker / Digiplan PDX15-D Single-Axis Ministep Drive
• Current Range: 2.5 to 5 A
• Current Step Size: 350 mA


• Option D: Power Dump

Part Number: PDX15-D/USA

Parker / Compumotor TQ10X Single-Axis Servo Controller/Drive
• TQ10 Base Unit
• X Language Controller
TQ-HS3: Fan and Heatsink
Opt TQ10-ENCL: Enclosure Covers

The TQ10X integrates a simple, yet powerful, servo controller with the TQ10 torque amplifier, creating a complete single-axis servo system.

Input Voltage: 120 V

Motorola / Symbol Agora Holder with Swivel Belt Clip
This Motorola / Symbol Agora Holder with Swivel Belt Clip is used and in excellent condition.

View Photo of back of case.

Parker / Digiplan CD-30 Stepping Motor Drive
This module has a bent corner on the PCB; however, this will not affect its ability to function properly.

Part Number: 1246-029

View Photo of bent corner.

MAC 45A-GA1-DDDJ-1KG Solenoid Valve
This item ships in the original manufacturer's box.

• Port Size: 1/8 Inch NPT
• Voltage: 24 VDC
• Lead Length: 6 Inches
• Wire Length: For External Plug-In Connector ("J", "K" and "T" Type Electrical Connection)
• Manual Operator: Non-Locking Recessed
• Electrical Connection: Square Connector with LED Light and Diode

Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1746-NI8 Analog Input Module
This unit is missing the front panel cover and terminal block.
OMRON C500-BI081 8-Slot Backplane
This OMRON C500-BI081 8-Slot Backplane is new from surplus stock. It ships in manufacturer's packaging.

Part Number(s): C500-BI081, 3G2A5-BI081
Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1771-A3B1 12-Slot I/O Chassis
This Rockwell / Allen Bradley 1771-A3B1 12-Slot I/O Chassis is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number(s): 96815003, S96815003
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