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Matec CHDF 2000 Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation
This Matec Applied Sciences CHDF 2000 - Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation is used and in excellent condition. This unit has been tested and verified to be working. However, the Fractionation(...) Cartridge needs to be replaced and the pH probe is not included. Please contact Matec for pricing and availability of the parts.

• Windows 95
• 32 MB RAM
• 2.37 GB HDD
• CHDF2000 Software Version 2.73

Accessories Included:
• Fractionation Cartridge (needs to be replaced)
• (1) Micromeritics Instruments penetrometer stem (Part Number 920-61713-01)
• Cables
• Manual
View Photo of penetrometer stem and cables
View Photo of pH probe assembly

Newport BM11.10 Actuator
• Travel Range: 10 mm
• Drive Type: Knob
• Load Capacity: 40 N

Newport BM30.10 Datasheet (pdf)

Lumasense Technologies / Luxtron FOT Lab Kit
This Lumasense / Luxtron FOT Lab Kit is new from surplus stock. This unit includes a power supply and RS-232 cable. The Fluoroptic Probe is not included; contact manufacturer for pricing and(...) availability.

Part Number: 06-13745-01

Hirakawa Hewtech 37-Pin Male to Female Cable
• Length: Approximately 17 ft. (5.18 m)
Agilent / Varian BA2 senTorr Vacuum Gauge Controller
• Setpoint Option: Set Point Board Part Number: L9132-001
• Degas Option: Degas (BA resistive, UHV E-Beam)
• Communications Option: RS232 Communication Card Part Number: L8937-001
• (2) Thermocouples
• (1) Bayard-Alpert Gauge Tube

Part Number: L91203021101
Input Voltage: 110/115/230 VAC

BioLogic Stopped-Flow Spectrometer System
This BioLogic Stopped-Flow Spectrometer System is used and in excellent condition.

*This unit has been fully tested. All items are operating fully, except for one PM-200. We are(...)
selling this system as a one PM-200 photomultiplier tube system. However, we are including the non-functioning PM-200. If the PM-200 were to be repair/replaced by manufacturer, this Stopped-Flow Spectrometer could then run tests/measurements where two photomultiplier tubes are required. Currently it can only run tests/measurements where one photomultiplier tube is required. This unit has been priced accordingly.

Please contact BioLogic for pricing and availability for repair/replacement of the non-functioning PM-200.


• Processor: Pentium III
• OS: Windows 98 SE
• Memory: 128MB RAM
• Hard Drive: 19GB HDD

• Bio-Kine 3.5
• Kaleidegraph 3.5
• MPS 1.28

Stopped-Flow Module:
• SFM-400 With Three 10 ml and One 1.9 ml Syringes
• MPS-60 Microprocessor
• Observation Head with Separate Cooling
• Thermo/Neslab RTE-101 Refrigerated Circulator

Modular Optical System:
• MOS-200 Motorized Monochromator
• ALX-220 Arc Lamp Power Supply
• Two PM-200 Photomultiplier Tubes*
• Two PMS-200 Photomultiplier Control Unit
• MM-200 Interface for Software Control of The Monochromator
• Four Channel BNC Data Acquisition Box

View Photo of SFM-400 Syringe Sizes
View Photo of Manuals and Software
View Photo of PM-200 Photomultipliers and Additional Connectors

Northland-Marvel / Marvel Scientific 6CAR8000 General Purpose Refrigerator
This Northland / Marvel Scientific 6CAR8000 General Purpose Refrigerator is new from surplus stock. This unit ships in the manufacturer's packaging with standard documentation and accessories.(...)

• Exterior Dimensions: 34 x 23 7/8 x 24 (in.)
• Volume: 6.1 Cubic Feet
• Electrical: 115V/60Hz/3.3A
• Temperature Range: 33° to 44° F

View Photo of inside of unit

Hamamatsu C4015 Argus-10 Image Processor
This Hamamatsu C4015 Argus-10 Image Processor is used and in excellent condition.

• RGB + Black Breakout BNC Cable
Basler AVA1000-100GM Monochrome Area Scan Camera
• Resolution: 1024 Pixels x 1024 Pixels
• Sensor Type: KAI-1050
• Frame Rate: 101 fps
• Interface: GigE
• Pixel Size: 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm

Part Number: 105571-07

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