FiberPro PS3000 High-Speed Polarization Scrambler
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FiberPro PS3000 High-Speed Polarization Scrambler


  • High Speed Scrambling
  • All SM Fiber Construction
  • Input Polarization Independent
  • Wavelength Range is >40nm
  • Low Loss, Low PMD
  • Center Wavelength: 1550nm
  • GPIB & RS232 Remote Interface

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This FiberPro PS3000 High-Speed Polarization Scrambler is used and in excellent condition.

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FIBERPRO's PS series are all-fiber optic polarization scramblers which utilize FIBERPRO's unique birefringence modulator. This technology makes powerful polarization scrambling with very high speed.

Polarization dependence is one of the biggest issues in fiber optic measurement, communications and sensors. PDL in components, PDL in equipment, PDG in EDFA and pump polarization dependence in EDFA are typical examples. Depolarizing is one of the solutions for the polarizing problems. FIBERPRO's Polarization Scrambler provides the best solution for the majority of situations in which depolarization is needed.

This equipment provides you with an excellent way to characterize / qualify optical property of optical devices. Furthermore, the PS3000 can solve the problems associated with PDG of EDFAs by scrambling polarization of the optical signal.

It is based on all-fiber technology that has enabled FiberPro to build our practically zero insertion loss, back reflection free and compact polarization scrambler.

PS3000 has an extremely fast scrambling speed that provides convenience in the real-life situations. It also has negligible PMD (typically < 0.2 ps) and you don't have to worry about additional PMD for your system. Moreover, it works regardless of input polarization states and does not need anything to match the polarization state.

This device is designed to give easy operation as well. Just plug in this device, and you're ready to use without any complex installation procedures.
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Output DOP<5%
Operating Wavelength Range>40nm
Insertion Loss (with connectors)1.0 dB
Average PMD7lt;0.3 ps
PDL (with connectors)<0.05 dB
InterfaceGPIB /RS232

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

FiberPro PS3000 Datasheet (pdf) 
FiberPro PS3000 Manual (pdf) 
Link to FiberPro Website