Keysight / Agilent E1330A / E1330B Quad 8-bit Digital Input / Output Module
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Keysight / Agilent E1330A / E1330B Quad 8-bit Digital Input / Output Module


  • 1-Slot, B-size, VXI Module
  • Quad 8-bit Input or Output Data Ports
  • Wide Variety of Output Data Types

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The Agilent E1330A and E1330B Quad 8-bit Digital Input/Output module are B-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI devices. They have a four-port digital input/output module intended for data communication and digital control.

Each 8-bit port is identical consisting of data and handshake/control lines. Each 8-bit port can be configured for output or input and positive or negative true logic. Ports can be combined allowing data transmission using bytes, words (16-bit), and long words (32-bit). Bit data transmissions are also allowed. Three handshake and control lines are provided for each port when using SCPI programming. The flag line from each of the individual ports can be used independently, or they can be combined when using word or long-word data transmission.

Notes from the Agilent website:

What is the difference between an E1330A and an E1330B?
NOTE from E1330A/B Operator Manual: The interrupt circuitry for the E1330B is implemented as release on interrupt acknowledge (ROAK). The Digital I/O modules will de-assert (or release) the interrupt request line during an interrupt acknowledge cycle.

The interrupt circuitry on the E1330A was implemented as release on register access (RORA). The E1330A digital I/O module would continue to assert the interrupt request line until the Port Control/status register on the digital I/O module is accessed.

The E1330A is the only (RORA) VXI card that Agilent Technologies created. The reason that the E1330B changed to (ROAK) was so that it would be the same as all other Agilent Technologies VXI cards.

Both the E1330A and E1330B may be used with command modules E1300A/E1301A,E1306A and with the E1405A/B and E1406A. The commands are the same for both the E1330A and E1330B.

Direct backplane control using C-SCPI, ISCPI in SICL, and plug and play drivers do not work with the E1330A. C-SCPI, ISCPI in SICL, and plug and play drivers all require ROAK thus only the E1330B is supported when using these drivers.

Product Family: E1330B, E1330 B, E 1330B, A1-9550, A1 9550, A19550
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