Keysight / Agilent E1439A/B/C/D 95 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP, Memory and 70MHz IF Input
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Keysight / Agilent E1439A/B/C/D 95 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP, Memory and 70MHz IF Input


  • 1-Slot, C-Size, VXI Module
  • 36MHz Bandwidth Centered at 70MHz
  • Anti-alias Filter
  • Signal Conditioning
  • FIFO Memory
  • Product Family: E1439A, E1439B, E1439C, E1439D

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The Agilent 1439A / E1439B / E1439C / E1439D Digitizer DSP Family are ideal for applications in RF signal acquisition, analysis and high resolution ATE. Each has a baseband input and a 70 MHz IF input, both with 36 MHz bandwidth. The single-channel 95 MSa/s digitizer combines exceptional spurious-free dynamic range with alias-protected signal conditioning, center-frequency tunable digital filters, and a large signal capture memory, all in a single-wide C-size VXI module.

This module is found in Agilent systems such as the E3238S Signals Development Systems.

Agilent's response to the difference between the older and newer models:

Subject: E1438/9A/B/C/D

E1438/9/C/D modules differ from the A/B models in the following ways:

E1438A / E1439A : LBUS
E1438B / E1439B : LBUS and FPDP
E1438C / E1439C : *none*
E1438D / E1439D : LBUS and FPDP

LBUS is a VXI Local Bus for shoveling ~50 MB/sec data from left to right between adjacent modules.

FPDP is Front Panel Data Port, a fiber optic 250 MB/sec path for shoveling data between ADC and DSP (think E3238s system.)

In addition, the C/D modules have had improvements to their phase noise performance to enhance multi-channel operation.

The E143xCs replace the E143xAs and the Ds replace Bs.
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