EKF CC6-ACID 3U, Super-I/O Expansion-Boards
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EKF CC6-ACID 3U, Super-I/O Expansion-Boards


  • Single Size CompactPCI Style Eurocard
  • LPC Super-I/O Chip
  • On-Board Connectors: LPC Interface, IDE/ATA 40-Pin Header, IDE/ATA 44-Pin Header, Floppy Disk Header 34-Pin

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• Front Panel Width: 8HP (40.6 mm)

Part Number: 02F007E00

Stock # 51041-1

• Front Panel Width: 4HP (20.3 mm)

Part Number: 02F007E02

Stock # 51041-2

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The EFK CC6-ACID 3U, Super-I/O Expansion-Boards communicate with the host CPU by means of the LPC interface. This is a multiplexed ISA bus, enabling the Super-I/O controller chip to emulate the legacy I/O interfaces. Among these are parallel and serial ports, the PS/2 connectors, and last but not least the classic 1.4/2.8MB floppy disk controller. As an option, the CC6-ACID provides MIDI and joystick attachment, and control lines for fans with either tachometer output or pulse width modulation input.

By connecting the boards together, the hosts ATA/IDE interface is also available on the CC6-ACID. Optionally, the board is equipped with a robust 2.5-inch hard disk drive, particularly suited for use in a rugged environment. The CC6-ACID can be mounted either on the left (bottom) side of the CPU board (version CC6-3 only), or right (top) side (both CC6-1 and CC6-3). The way of attachment (top or bottom with respect to the CPU) can be easily changed by oneself. Suitable CompactPCI host-CPU boards are the CC2-TANGO, CC5-RAVE, CC7-JAZZ and CC8-BLUES.

Regarding the CC6-1-ACID, the connectors COM1, COM2, LPT, PS/2 keyboard and mouse can be reached from the boards front panel (width 8HP). The CC6-3-ACID comes with a 4HP front panel (LPT connector removed). When using the CC6-3, mouse and keyboard are sharing the same Mini-Din connector by means of an external splitter cable.

Product Family: CC6-ACID, CC6-1-ACID, CC6-3-ACID, CC6-1, CC6-3
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EKF CC6-ACID Datasheet (pdf) 
EKF CC6-ACID Manual (pdf) 
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