National Instruments SCXI-1161 Power Relay Module
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National Instruments SCXI-1161 Power Relay Module


  • Nonlatching Relays
  • High Current Switching Capacity
  • 3 Operations/s
  • Fully Software Programmable
  • 8 Independent SPDT Electromechanical Relays

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This unit ships in the original box and static bag and comes with the manual.

Part Number: 182138G-01, 776572-61

Stock # 51855-2

Part Number: 776572-61

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Stock # 51855-3

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The National Instruments SCXI-1161 is a general purpose relay switching module. Two or more SCXI-1161s can be used in one or more chassis to switch and control thousands of signals. Each channel has a normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), and common (COM) terminal.

The SCXI-1161 has 8 independent SPDT nonlatching relays. These relays can switch up to 8 A at 125 Vrms, 6 A at 250 Vrms or 5 A at 30 VDC. Hence, they are suitable for higher power applications.

Product Family: SCXI-1161, SCXI1161, SCXI 1161, 776572-61
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