Exfo FLS-2100 Benchtop Light Source
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Exfo FLS-2100 Benchtop Light Source


  • Compact, Benchtop Design
  • Built-In Attenuator
  • Internal Modulation Capability
  • Excellent Power Stability

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FLS-2102BLC-89 Single 1310nm TEC Laser Light Source
• 1310nm TEC Laser
• FC/PC Optical Connector
• 0.26dBm Maximum Output Power

View Photo of this unit's output spectrum viewed with dBm Optics CSA

Stock # 52492-2

This unit has small scratches on the display; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

FLS-2103BLC-91 Single 1550nm TEC Laser Light Source
• 1550nm TEC Laser
• SC Optical Connector
• > 0 dBm Maximum Output Power

View Photo of this unit's output spectrum viewed with dBm Optics CSA.

View Photo of small scratches on the display.

Stock # 52492-3

Model: FLS-2102E-50 Single 1300nm EELED Source
• 1300nm Broadband LED Source
• FC/PC Optical Connector

Stock # 52492-1

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The FLS-2100 Light Source features an exceptional selection of single- or dual-wavelength, singlemode and multimode light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and Fabry-Perot lasers. This source is an essential building block in many test stations, whether for IL, ORL or PDL measurements of broadband components. The FLS-2100's ORL option enables optimal return loss measurements at 1310, 1550 or 1625 nm.

Product Family: FLS-2100, FLS2100, FLS-2103, FLS2103, FLS-2102BLC-89, FLS2102BLC89, FLS-2102E-50, FLS2102E50
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Wavelength (nm)1300 +45/-60
Spectral Width (FWHM) (nm)145
Output Power (dBm)>-21/>-17
Stability (dB) (delta/2) (t=15 min)± 0.003
Stability (dB) (delta/2) (t=8 hrs)± 0.03
Modulation270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz (50% duty cycle)

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Exfo FLS-2100 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
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