National Instruments SCXI Cable Assemblies and Adapter Interfaces
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National Instruments SCXI Cable Assemblies and Adapter Interfaces


  • Multiple SCXI Cables / Adapters
  • Connects DAQ Devices to SCXI Systems

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Stock # 52644-4

Stock # 52644-1

This unit ships in the opened National Instruments box. Includes: Adapter and installation guide.

Part Number: 182675-01

Stock # 52644-2

This does not include any other equipment or cabling. It ships as photoed.

Part Number: 192312A-01

Stock # 52644-5

This National Instruments 182863A-01 Cable is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 182863A-01

This cable is one half of the SCXI-1352 Cable set (part number: 776575-52). It is used with the SCXI-1140 and SCXI-1141.

Stock # 58909-2

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The National Instruments SCXI Series Cables/Adapters connects DAQ devices to SCXI systems. They consist of low-noise, high-quality cables which guarantee reliable communication and signal integrity at up to 10 m. This enables the SCXI system to be located closer to the sensors and transducers. Each cable assembly includes a cable and one or more SCXI cable adapters. Each cable adaptor has a 50-pin male breakout connector for attaching additional DAQ devices.

One SCXI cable assembly per SCXI chassis is needed to operate the SCXI system in multiplexed mode. The appropriate cable assembly must be used for your DAQ device.

Product Family: SCXI-1341, SCXI 1341, 1341, SCXI-1349, SCXI 1349, 1349, 186838-0R5, SCXI-1346, SCXI 1346, 1346, SCXI-1357, SCXI 1357, 1357, SCXI-1180, SCXI 1180, 1180, 776572, SCXI-1353, 776575, SCXI-1355, SCXI-1356, SCXI-1358, SCXI-1343, SCXI-1351, SCXI-1362, SCXI-1181, SCXI-1180k, SCXI-1381k, SCXI-1352, SCXI-1360, 776576, SCXI-1373, 776577, SCXI-1374, SCXI-1382, SCXI-1383,
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