National Instruments SCXI-1112 Thermocouple Input Modules
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National Instruments SCXI-1112 Thermocouple Input Modules


  • Random scanning
  • 2Hz Lowpass Filtering per Channel
  • 333kS/s Maximum Sampling Rate
  • Overvoltage Protection to ±42 V

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The National Instruments SCXI-1112 Thermocouple Input Modules are designed for high-accuracy thermocouple measurements. This module has 8 differential analog input channels and 8 cold-junction sensor channels. This module incorporates open-thermocouple detection circuitry on each input channel.

Each channel on the SCXI-1112 has a 3-pole lowpass filter with a 2 Hz cutoff frequency to reject 60 Hz noise. The number of analog signals that can be digitized is greatly increased by multiplexing several SCXI-1112 modules into a single channel on the DAQ device.

Product Family: scxi1112, scxi-1112, 776572-12
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NI SCXI-1112 Datasheet (pdf) 
NI SCXI-1112 Manual (pdf) 
Link to National Instruments Website