National Instruments SCXI-1127 High-Voltage Electromechanical Relay Multiplexer/Matrix Switch
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National Instruments SCXI-1127 High-Voltage Electromechanical Relay Multiplexer/Matrix Switch


  • Configuration Determined by Terminal Block
  • Effortless Matrix Expansion
  • Easy Instrument Synchronization with Hardware Triggers
  • 512-Step Scanlist for Deterministic Scanning

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This unit has a damaged base connector; this, however, does not affect the functionality of the unit.

View Representative Photo of a damaged connector.

Part Number: 184366B-01

Stock # 54457-5

• User's Manual
• NI-Switch Software for Windows (p/n: 500688B-00, 500688C-00)

Part Number: 184366C-01, 184366D-01, 776572-27

Stock # 54457-3

This unit ships sealed in the manufacturer's bag.

Part Number: 184366C-01, 184366E-01, 776572-27

Stock # 54457-2

Stock # 95903-1

Part Number: 776572-27

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Stock # 54457-6

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  • Tech Specs
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The National Instruments SCXI-1127 is a 32-channel (2-wire) high density armature electromechanical relay module that can act as a multiplexer or matrix module. As a multiplexer, this module can operate in different modes including 1-wire for large-channel-count systems, 2-wire for differential pair systems or 3 and 4-wire modes for resistive measurements including RTDs and thermistor. The SCXI-1127 is designed to work well with both low and high voltage signals.

The SCXI-1127 becomes a 64x1 1-wire matrix, 32x1 2-wire matrix, 4x8 2-wire matrix or 16x1 4-wire matrix through front-mounting terminal blocks. Using one ore more of these modules can expand the measurement power of your digital multimeter (DMM) or can build a complete ATE switching system for all of your instruments.

Product Family: SCXI-1127, SCXI1127, SCXI 1127, 776572-27
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NI SCXI-1127 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to National Instruments Website