Instek GOS-310 10MHz Triggering Oscilloscope
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Instek GOS-310 10MHz Triggering Oscilloscope


  • 10 MHz, Single Channel
  • With TV Sync. Mode
  • High Sensitivity 5mV/DIV
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Operate
  • Designed for Education, Student, Hobbyist and Maintenance Use

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This Instek GOS-310 10MHz Triggering Oscilloscope is Brand New and has full manufacturer's warranty.

Stock # 56368-1

This Instek GTL-101 BNC-Alligator Test Lead is Brand New and has full manufacturer's warranty.

Stock # 56368-10

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The Instek GOS-310 10MHz Triggering Oscilloscope is a general-purpose oscilloscope with features to make it a useful, versatile piece of test equipment offering waveform, frequency, and voltage analysis of frequencies up to 10MHz.

The vertical deflection system offers 4 calibrated ranges from 5mV to 5V/div in decade sequence. The vertical variable control allows continuously variable vertical deflection capability. The input signal may either be capacitive or directly coupled by use of the AC - DC switch. The horizontal amplifier features 6 calibrated sweep rates from 0.1us to l0ms/div with a sweep variable control to allow continuous sweep rate variation. The sweep may be internally triggered from the vertical signal or may be externally triggered by a separate input signal. A free-running AUTO mode is provided for sweep without the presence of a triggering signal. A TV triggering mode is offered to aid in stable internal triggering on some television signals.

The horizontal deflection may also be used with an external input to allow frequency and phase comparison between two signals. The oscilloscope features a short length 75mm round CRT that-allows the scope to be small and lightweight for easy use and minimum space requirement. The screen is covered with a graticule marked 10 units wide and 8 units high for convenience and accurate measurements. A 1 kHz 0.2 5V square wave is also available on the front panel to allow a quick calibration check of the vertical and horizontal amplifiers as well as probe compensation adjustment.
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Display area75mm round screen CRT, 8 x 10 DIV (6mm/DIV)
Accelerating PotentialApprox. 1.2kV
Sensitivity5mV - 5V in 4 decade steps
BandwidthDC - 10MHz
AccuracyWithin±3% (at line Voltage±5%)
Input Impedance1MΩ±5% within 35pF
Max. Input600Vpp or 300Vpk (DC+AC peak), ≤1kHz
Sweep Rate10mS - 0.1µS in 6 decade steps
AccuracyWithin ±5% (at line Voltage±5%)
Trigger ModeAUTO, NORM, EXT, TV
Trigger SourceINT, EXT
EXT.Trigger Max. input voltage : 600Vpp or 300Vpk (DC+AC peak)
Input Impedance1MΩ±5% within 35pF
Freq. ResponseDC - 500kHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity : approx. 0.1V/DIV
Input Impedance1MΩ±5% within 35pF
Max. Input Voltage600Vpp or 300Vpk (DC+AC peak)
Phase Error3° or less at 10kHz
Calibrator1kHz±5%, square wave, 0.25Vpp±3%
Power SourceAC 115/220/230V±10%, 50/60Hz
AccessoriesPower cord x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Test Lead GTL-101 x 1
Dimensions & Weight132(W) x 210(H) x 298(D) mm ; Approx. 4.6kg

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Instek GOS-310 Datasheet (pdf) 
Instek GOS-310 Manual (pdf) 
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