ThorLabs PDA Series Photo Detectors
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ThorLabs PDA Series Photo Detectors


  • GaP, Si, Ge, InGaAs, PbS, and PbSe Versions Available
  • Wide Wavelength Range from 150nm to 4800nm
  • Up to DC-150MHz Bandwidth
  • High-Speed PIN Photodiode
  • Low-Noise, Wide Band Amplifier
  • 0 to 10V Output

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This Thorlabs PDA400 Photo Detector is used and in excellent condition.


• Sensor: InGaAs
• Active Diameter: 1mm
• Response: 800 to 1750nm
• Peak Response: 0.95 A/W at 1550nm
• Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz

Stock # 56564-1

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The Thorlabs PDA Series Photo Detectors are amplified photodiodes in a compact package. The new PDA Series detector housing utilizes a thin profile to allow access to light paths with the minimum amount of interference. The PDA Series of Amplified Photodetectors include a low noise transimpedance, or voltage amplifier capable of driving 50W loads. All connections and controls are located perpendicular to the light path, providing increased accessibility.

Each PDA includes a low noise transimpedence or voltage amplifier and provides a 50 Ohm drive capacity. The wideband models have a fixed gain and a 150MHz bandwidth, while the switchable gain versions provide 70dB of adjustment. Thorlabs' lines of Switchable Gain Detectors provide gain adjustment over a 70 dB range to take full advantage of the photodiode response range. Gains are adjustable from 1.5 kV/A to 4.7 MV/A in eight (8), 10dB steps.

The PDA400 is an amplified, switchable-gain, InGaAs detector designed for detection of light signals from DC to 10 MHz. A five-position rotary switch allows the user to vary the gain in 10 dB steps. A buffered output drives a 50Ω load impedance up to 5 volt. The PDA400 housing includes a removable threaded coupler that is compatible with any number of Thorlabs 1” threaded accessories. This allows convenient mounting of external optics, light filters, apertures, as well as providing an easy mounting mechanism using the Thorlabs cage assembly accessories.

The PDA400 has an 8-32 tapped mounting hole with a 0.25” mounting depth and includes a 120VAC power AC/DC supply. The PDA400-EC has an M4 tapped mounting hole and includes a 230VAC AC/DC power supply.

Product Family: PDA400, PDA-400 PDA 400
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Thorlabs PDA400 Manual (pdf) 
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Thorlabs PDA400 Tech Notes (pdf) 
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