National Instruments VXI-1500 Mainframe
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National Instruments VXI-1500 Mainframe


  • Auto Bus Grant Daisy-Chaining (No Backplane Jumpers Required)
  • 1100 W (115 VAC Input) or 1420 W (230 VAC Input) of Available Power
  • 1100 W of Heat Dissipation by Filtered Forced-Air Cooling
  • Universal AC Input: Auto-Voltage and Auto-Frequency Ranging
  • Over-Current Protection Via Push-Reset Circuit Breaker (No Loose Fuses to Replace)
  • Removable Modular Power Supply with a MTBF of 50,000 Hours
  • Remote Power Monitoring and Inhibit Via a Rear Panel Connector
  • On/Off Switch Located on the Front Panel for Easy Access and Recessed to Prevent Accidental Switching
  • Removable Positive Pressure Modular Cooling Unit with a MTBF of 30,000 Hours
  • Selectable Fan Speed for Maximum Cooling or Quiet Operation
  • Recessed Module Mounting Surface for Concealing Cable Back Shells, Terminal Block Carriers, and Other Accessories
  • Integrated Lower Cable Management Channel
  • Rack-Mount or Bench-Top Installation
  • Removable Front Door

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This unit includes the Mainframe Front Door and Removable Cable Access Panel.

View Photo of Removable Cable Access Panel.

Stock # 56970-4

This unit does not include the front door.

The rear corner of this unit is bent, however this does not affect the functionality of the unit. View Photo of rear corner.

Stock # 56970-2

It comes with several accessories; including slot covers, filter, and slotted plastic tubing.

Stock # 56970-1

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The National Instruments VXI-1500 mainframe combines a high-performance 13-slot backplane with a high-output power supply. This mainframe's structural design has been optimized for maximum usability in a wide range of applications. The VXI-1500 fully complies with the VXIbus Specification Revision 1.4. It is also VXIplug&play-compatible.

The VXI-1500's modular design ensures the highest level of maintainability. This results in a very low mean time to repair (MTTR). With the appropriate adapters, the 13 C-Sized VXIbus slots can accommodate A-Sized and B-Sized modules.
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NI VXI-1500 Manual (pdf) 
Link to National Instruments Website