NoiseCom VXI7000 Series Amplified Noise Source
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NoiseCom VXI7000 Series Amplified Noise Source


  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • VXIbus
  • Jamming Systems

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This NoiseCom VXI7110 Amplified Noise Source is used and in excellent condition.

• Frequency Range: 1GHz - 2GHz
• Power(dBm): +10
• DbM/Hz: -80
• Flatness (dB): ±1.5
• µV/vHz: 22.4

Stock # 58538-35

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The VXI7000 Series instruments contain a Noise Com amplified noise source that is tuned to provide the best flatness at the instrument output. The amplifier is optimized to deliver an unsaturated output with a Gaussian amplitude distribution. Noise output power level can be adjusted from 0 to 127 dB in 1 dB (and optionally 0.1 dB) steps. The output state is controlled by an RF switch. In the standby state, the noise is terminated into an RF load and in the on state it is directed to the output connector.

Product Family: VXI7101, VXI7103, VXI7105, VXI7107, VXI7108, VXI7109, VXI7110, VXI7111, VXI7112, VXI7124, VXI7218, VXI7240, VXI-7101, VXI-7103, VXI-7105, VXI-7107, VXI-7108, VXI-7109, VXI-7110, VXI-7111, VXI-7112, VXI-7124, VXI-7218, VXI-7240, VXI 7101, VXI 7103, VXI 7105, VXI 7107, VXI 7108, VXI 7109, VXI 7110, VXI 7111, VXI 7112, VXI 7124, VXI 7218, VXI 7240
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NoiseCom VXI7000 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to NoiseCom Website