Teledyne / LeCroy DDA-120 4-Channel, 8 GS/s, 16-bit, 1GHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope w/ Jitter

This LeCroy DDA-120 4-Channel, 8 GS/s, 16-bit, 1GHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope w/ Jitter is used and in excellent condition....
This unit also has Disk Drive Analyzer software installed.

Jitter Option Installed

This unit reports the following options:
• Soft Version: DDA-120 9.3.0
• Scope ID: E37B76-ED
• Installed Option Key: E47E-E3C7-FDE7-F567
• Options enabled by this key: MC01,JTA
Opt WP01: Advanced Waveform Math Package Installed
Opt WP02: Spectrum Analysis Package Installed
Opt WP03: Parameter Analysis Package Installed
Opt DDM: Disk Drive Measurements Installed
Opt CKIO: Clock In/Out Installed
Opt PRML: Supplementary Disk Drive Measurements Installed
Opt DDFA: Disk Drive Failure Analysis Installed
Opt MC01: Memory Card Reader and 512k SRAM Card Installed
Opt JTA: Jitter and Timing Analysis Installed
Opt CPUP: PowerPC High Speed Processor Installed
Opt VGAC: VGA Output Port Installed
Opt GPIB: IEEE-488 I/O Control Bus Installed
Opt R232: Serial I/O Installed
Opt CLBZ: Piezo Buzzer Alarm Installed
Opt FD01: Floppy Drive Installed
Opt GP01: Internal Graphics Printer Installed
Opt CENT: Parallel Centronics Printer Port Installed
Opt CKTR: Clock Trigger Installed
Opt I2C: ProBus Installed
• Main Processor Ram: 64 MB
• Acquisition Memory Size: 4M data points per channel
• Trigger Options: AUTO, NORMAL, SINGLE, STOP
• PC Card (PCMCIA I/II/III Ports): for memory cards
• Floppy Disk Drive
• Grid Styles: Single, Dual, Quad, Octal, and Full Screen
• Plotter: Internal, high resolution graphics printer (standard)
• External Monitor: Rear panel 15-pin socket for VGA compatible monitor
• Max Input Voltages: 50 Ohms - 5VDC; 1Mohm - 400V max
Stock # 59133-2
Teledyne / LeCroy 4-Channel, 8 GS/s, 16-Bit, 1GHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope (with and without Jitter)
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