Anritsu MW9060A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
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Anritsu MW9060A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer


  • For Long-Haul, Short-Haul, Singlemode and Multimode Fiber
  • Fast 0.3s Sweep Speed (FAST Mode, 2PA Mode)
  • Procedure and Event Registration Functions Shorten Measurement Time
  • Printer and 3.5” FD/PMC Drives
  • Return Loss Measurement

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This Anritsu MW9060A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Mainframe is used and in good condition. This unit does not include the necessary optical plug-in module. It is just the mainframe. This unit does come with an operating manual.

This unit has a crack in the translucent protective cover of the screen which can be seen here. Also there is a crack on the bottom left corner of the unit which can be seen here. This crack does not impact the operation of the unit.

Stock # 59399-1

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The MW9060A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) lets you automatically or manually detect fault locations in fiber-optic cables and measure cable splice loss, optical-connector connecting loss, etc. with high accuracy. With its wide dynamic range of 34 dB in wavelength 1.3 µm band or 32 dB in 1.55 µm band, it can make precise measurements with a 10 cm read-out resolution even for a 250 km long-distance measurement. The MW9060A is equipped with a high-speed printer and floppy disk drive so that the waveform can be printed out and saved to microfloppy disk at the site and the data can be processed with a personal computer.

An event point registration function which measures pre-registered measurement points and displays them in an event table, and a procedure function which registers a string of operations and re-executes them by one key operation, are advantageous in automating measurement.

Compatible plug-in units: MW0942A, MW0944B, MW0945B, MW0946B, MW0947B, MW0967B
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Anritsu MW9060A Datasheet (pdf) 
Anritsu MW9060A Manual (pdf) 
Anritsu MW9060A GPIB Manual (pdf) 
Link to Anritsu Website