Keithley 220 / 230 Programmable Sources
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Keithley 220 / 230 Programmable Sources


  • Capable of Storing up to 100 Points of an Output Waveform.
  • Programmable Dwell Time Between the Data Points
  • Input and Output Connections for External Triggering
  • 4½ Digit Display
  • Data Keyboard

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This Keithley 220 Programmable Current Source is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 59546-1

This Keithley 230 Programmable Voltage Source is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 59546-3

This Keithley 230-1 Programmable Voltage Source is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 59546-4

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Both the Keithley 220 and the Keithley 230 incorporate a 100-step, programmable memory buffer, useful in applications where either a fixed number of outputs is repeated or a complex waveform of discrete steps must be generated. In system applications, the buffer can be loaded through the bus, and the 220 or 230 can be commanded to sequence through memory while the controller is busy on other tasks.

The TRIGGER IN/OUT feature, when used in the STEP mode, allows the source to synchronize the measurements of other instruments. The TRIGGER OUT occurs after the completion of dwell time; TRIGGER IN causes the 220 or 230 to advance to its next program step. This provides the capability to perform a preset source measurement without a computer.

Four TTL-compatible input and output (I/O) lines are provided on each model to receive and generate system commands. In a typical application, a source can be programmed to generate an SRQ (service request) to the controller if a system element such as a foot pedal switch, mechanical stop, or overtemperature condition is detected.

The I/O can provide a means for the customer to shut down the power supply for safety in a system environment. Digital I/O is an example of the convenience features that make the Models 220 and 230 easy to use in your test system.

The 230-1 is a special version of the 230 with the necessary connectors for compatibility with the Model 82 Simultaneous C-V Systems.

Product Family: 220
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