Kulicke & Soffa 9388 LaserPro Automatic Ball Attach System
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Kulicke & Soffa 9388 LaserPro Automatic Ball Attach System


  • High First Pass Yields at Fine Pitch
  • Efficient Space and Facilities Utilization
  • Low Cost and Fast Ball Size Changeovers Requiring No Major Tooling
  • Cold Processes Requiring Only Localized Heating of Individual Pads

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Model 9388 LaserPro Configuration:

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Repair Station

Computer Configuration:
   • Memory: 512 MB RAM
   • CPU: GMS V56K Model C001
   • Kernel: Wind River VxWorks 5.3.1 WIND Version 2.5
   • LaserPro Software: 1-01-E08 07-02-01 09388-8000-001-PF
          Version: 1-01-E08
          Date: 07-02-01
          Part Number: 09388-8000-001-PF
   • Additional Software: WB 9388 (Version 1-01-E08), Vision (Version 2-06-12)
   • Monitor: Korea Data Systems (KDS) Model VS-7E (100-240 V)

Light Configuration:
   • Light: PATLITE Model LE-BP, 3 W/1 Stack (12 VAC/DC)

This unit is configured for 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Stock # 61232-1

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The K&S Model 9388 LaserPro is designed to attach solder balls to integrated circuit (IC) devices. The machine attaches a ball by placing it on a device bond pad, then irradiating it with laser light. The light heats the ball to a temperature sufficient to reflow the solder, thereby attaching the ball to the bond pad.

The machine features an integrated Pattern Recognition System (PRS) and a Class I laser system with laser safety interlocks to protect the user from hazardous levels of laser radiation. Device carriers and their magazines are handled by an automatic material handling system (MHS) incorporated into the 9388.

Product Family: 9388, 93-88, 93 88, 9 3 8 8
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Kulicke and Soffa LaserPro 9388 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Kulicke & Soffa Website