National Instruments PXI-5620 64 MS/s, 14-Bit Frequency-Domain Digitizer
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National Instruments PXI-5620 64 MS/s, 14-Bit Frequency-Domain Digitizer


  • 1 Analog Input Channel, 14-Bit Resolution
  • 80 dB Spurious-Free Dynamic Range
  • 1 kS/s to 64 MS/s Sampling Rate
  • 10 kHz to 36 MHz (-3 dB Bandwidth)
  • AC Coupled, 50 Ω Input
  • 16 or 32 Million Sample Acquisition

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This is a hybrid-slot-compatible PXI module that can be used in both PXI Express hybrid slots and standard PXI slots.

64 MB Onboard Memory

Part Numbers: 185701G-02

Stock # 62366-3

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The National Instruments PXI-5620 is a single-channel PXI digitizer for a broad range of applications in research, product design and validation, and manufacturing test. Its dynamic range and resolution make it ideal for all types of frequency-domain analysis. It is well suited for applications ranging from ultrasound and high-resolution ATE to broadband communications test, such as cable, DSL, and wireless test. Because the NI PXI-5620 is based on the PXI platform, it can be integrated with other PXI hardware from National Instruments and other PXI vendors.

Product Family: PXI-5620, PXI5620, PXI 5620, 778282-01, 778282-02
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