KLA Tencor / Ultrapointe 1010 Confocal Review Station
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KLA Tencor / Ultrapointe 1010 Confocal Review Station


  • Superior Resolution
  • Higher Magnification
  • True 3-Dimensional Imaging
  • Sub-Surface Defect Imaging
  • 2-Dimensional Surface Profiling
  • Fully ADC Ready

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Stock # 62468-13

Stock # 62468-10

Stock # 62468-9

Stock # 62468-8

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Stock # 62468-12

• Dimensional Outline / Window Material: (6) Borosilicate Glass
• Package: TO-8
• Photosensitve Area Size (mm): 5.8 x 5.8
• Reverse Voltage Vr Max: 30V

Stock # 93038-1

• Outside Diameter: 30.2mm
• Clear Aperture: 26.5mm
• Thickness: 2.5mm
• Ring Thickness: 4.5mm

Stock # 62468-4

• Mirror Size: 0.5in x 0.5in
• Mirror Mount Size: 1in x 1in

Stock # 62468-7

• Mounting: Model 910A Spatial Filter
• Aperture Diameter: 10 ± 1µm
• Material: Molybdenum
• Diameter: 9.525mm
• Thickness: 15.24 µm

Newport 910 PH-10 Datasheet (pdf)

Stock # 62468-6

This Ultrapointe / KLA Tencor CRS 1010 Confocal Review Station is being sold as-is without warranty and has been priced accordingly. This unit is not fully functional, but appears to be complete. Please see photos for all included accessories.

Upon evaluation, our technicians discovered that the installed JDS Uniphase Model 2214-20SLUP laser does not operate. Due to this, the unit is not fully functional and our technicians could not fully test/evaluate. It has been priced accordingly. It is possible that an experienced user could replace the laser, test/troubleshoot/repair further, and make this unit fully functional again. Or this unit could be used as a parts unit for another Model 1010 Laser Imaging System.

View Photo of the first group of accessories included with this unit.
View Photo of the cable accessories.
View Photo of the cooler air unit.
View Photo of the monitor for the unit.
View Photo of the Sony Color Video Monitor and Printer.

Input Voltage: 208 VAC, 20 A, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz

Stock # 62468-1

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The Ultrapointe / KLA Tencor Model 1010 Laser Imaging System is an advanced optical confocal review station. With its superior resolution and high magnification, it is the ideal solution to your current- and next-generation device's defect review requirements.

Product Family: 1010, CRS1010, CRS-1010, CRS 1010, LIS1010, LIS-1010, LIS 1010
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