Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO / Micro Memory MM-6300 / MM-6300D Dual Port DRAM Module
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Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO / Micro Memory MM-6300 / MM-6300D Dual Port DRAM Module


  • 1M, 2M or 4M Bytes
  • 24/32 Bits VMEbus
  • 32 Bit VSBUS

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This Micro Memory MM-6300 Dual Port DRAM Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: MM6300/4

• 4MB Memory

Stock # 62870-1

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The MM6300D Dual Ported Memory is compatible with the VMEbus, VME Subystem Bus (VSBus), and VMX32bus specifications. Inherent to the modules are options D32, D16 and D8 (32, 16 and 8 bit data path width), and A32, A24, (32, 24 bit address path width). The module also generates and stores an even parity bit for each byte written on write cycles and checks parity for each byte read on read cycles. Then if a parity error is detected, the module sets a Control Status Register (CSR) bit and may be programmed to assert the bus error signal on the requesting port.

While the MM3600D Dual Ported Memory was designed as a 32 bit wide (data path) memory board, the MM6300D Dual Ported Memory complies with VMEbus Specifications and VSBus specifications and can be addressed as 8 bit bytes, 16 bit words, or 32 bit long words. The MM6300D Dual Ported Memory can be configured for 1M and 2M, bytes capacity by populating it with 256K x 1 and 256K x 4 DRAMS.

The MM6300D Dual ported memory control status register is software compatible with the Motorola MVME204 memory modules.

Product Family: MM6300D, MM6300, MM 6300D, MM 6300
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MM-6300D Specifications
Capacity1M or 2M bytes
Cycle Time275 ns
Read/Write Access Time200ns./130ns. (fast write)
Address24/32 bits VMEbus
32 bits VSBus
Address Modifiers6 bits, jumper slectable, or user programmable GAL
Data In/Data Out8/16/32 bits bidirectional with 48 ma. three-state output
ParityEVEN, 1 bit for each byte
Generated on each Write
Checked on each Read
Modes of OperationRead, Write, Read-modifying-Write Hidden refresh, Un-aligned
Module SelectionMemory selected on 64K byte
Control Status Register SelectionCSR Selected on any ODD address in the VMEbus 'A16' address space

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Micro Memory MM-6300D Manual (pdf) 
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