Kontron / PEP VMOD-2 / VMOD-2D ModPack Carrier Board
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Kontron / PEP VMOD-2 / VMOD-2D ModPack Carrier Board


  • 8 / 16-Bit Data-Bus
  • Separate IRQ Lines for Each ModPack
  • On-Board Reset Facility
  • Full VMEbus Slave Interface

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This Kontron / PEP VMOD-2 ModPack Carrier Board is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 63149-1

This Kontron / PEP VMOD-2D ModPack Carrier Board is used and in excellent condition.

• (2) ModPack Interfaces
• (1) 50-Pin D-Sub Front-Panel Connector

Part Number: 3075

Stock # 63149-2

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The VMOD-2(D) was created to provide systems designers with a selection of dedicated I/O interfaces from PEP’s large palette of industrial ModPack modules. Industrial ModPacks provide a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, tailoring the VMOD-2(D) to precisely fit a particular input/output requirement.

Each ModPack interface accesses an 8 or 16-bit data-bus, supports 11 address and extended control (IRQ) lines and provides separate interrupt lines.An additional reset facility initializes the the VMOD-2(D) and its ModPacks. Any two industrial I/O ModPacks from an ever expanding range may be fitted to cater for the needs of digital, analog, communication or counter functions. PEP’s open piggyback specification is documented also for custom solutions and is currently undergoing the process of standardization through the VITA organization.

Product Family: VMOD-2, VMOD-2D, VMOD 2, VMOD 2D, VMOD2, VMOD2D
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