IET / General Radio 1482-L Standard Inductor
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IET / General Radio 1482-L Standard Inductor


  • A Standard for National Laboratories
  • Stability Within ±0.01% Per Year
  • Values From 10 µH to 10 H
  • Standard for Quality Factor
  • Low, Known Temperature Coefficient
  • Self-Shielding Toroidal Design

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This IET / GenRad 1482-L Standard Inductor is used and in excellent condition.

Inductance Valus: 100 mH

Stock # 63551-1

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The IET / General Radio 1482 is an accurate, highly stable standard of self-inductance for use as a low frequency reference or working standard in the laboratory. Records extending over 40 years, including those of inductors that traveled to national laboratories in several countries for calibration, show long-term stability well within ±0.01%., typically much lower.

Product Family: 1482-L, 1482L, 1482 L
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