Emerson / Motorola MVME328 VMEbus Dual SCSI Host Adapter
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Emerson / Motorola MVME328 VMEbus Dual SCSI Host Adapter


  • Front Panel Status Indicator Light
  • 50-Pin Ribbon Style Front-Panel Connectors
  • Front-Panel Locking Handles

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Connections on circuit board.

Part Number: 01-W2625C01D, CC04210-010B, H04210-001 Rev. A00

Stock # 63704-4

Stock # 63704-1

Connections on front panel.

Part Number: 01-W2220D01D, CC04210-0327, H04210-034 Rev B01

Stock # 63704-3

Connections on front panel.

Part Number: 01-W2220D02C, 01-W2220D02D, H04210-034 Rev. B01

Stock # 63704-2

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The Motorola MVME328 VMEbus Module has front panel status indicator lights, 50-pin ribbon style front-panel connectors, and front panel locking handles to ensure cables remain in place.

Product Family: MVME 328-2, MVME-328-2, MVME328-2, MVME 328S-2, MVME-328S-2, MVME328S-2, MVME328S2, MVME-328S2, MVME 328S2, MVME328S 2, MVME-328S2, MVME328, MVME328S, MVME328S-1
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