National Instruments Miscellaneous Cables and Cable Adapter
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National Instruments Miscellaneous Cables and Cable Adapter


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This unit ships in the manufacturer's original bag.

Part Number: 188841A-01, 188841-01

Stock # 63734-97

This unit ships in the manufacturer's sealed bag.

Product Family: 186013-01, 186013A-01

Stock # 55024-97

Stock # 63734-63

This unit is a 9-Pin D-SUB Female to 9-Pin D-SUB Female cable.

Part Number: 193128A-02, 193128B-02

Stock # 63734-142

This is similar to the PR68-68F but has been configured with a 68-pin male connector.

Part Number: 183646-01

Stock # 63734-55

Bulkhead Adapter Part Numbers: 184703A-01, 777660-0R3

Ribbon Cable Part Number: 184526A-0R3

Stock # 63734-23

This unit is a mini-serial to full size RS232 cable.

Part Number: 183286A-08

Stock # 55024-86

Stock # 63734-153

Stock # 63734-152

This unit ships in the sealed manufacturer's bag. This cable is a 9-pin female to 9-pin female.

Part Number: 183283C-02

Stock # 63734-149

Stock # 63734-151

Stock # 63734-143

This unit has a chipped connector release latch, however this will not affect its functionality.

View Photo of chipped connector release latch.

Part Number: 186557-02, 186557A-02

Stock # 63734-154

This cable is female 9-pin to female 9-pin.

Part Numbers: 183283-02, 183283B-02, 183283C-02

Stock # 63734-103

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This page is a list of National Instruments miscellaneous cables spanning all categories.

Product Family: 184749-01, 183432-01, 187051-01, 777720-01, 182482-01, 182762-01, 181304-10, 182849-01, 777293-01, 777420-01, 183646-01, 776989-01, 186838-01, 181072-10, PS-2, PS-3, BP-01, 180524D-01
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