Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten 3300 / 3300D Series Power Supplies
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Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten 3300 / 3300D Series Power Supplies


  • Maximum Output Voltage From 7.5 VDC to 150 VDC
  • Maximum Output Current From 6 A to 125 A
  • Up To 1000 Watts of DC Power
  • Constant Current / Constant Voltage
  • Automatic Crossover

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This Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten 3300D-6016 Power Supply is used and in excellent condition.

Model Number: 3300D-6016
• Output DC Volts: 0-60
• Output DC Amps: 0-16
• Output Ripple (RMS): 30 mV

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The Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten 3300 Series power supplies are general purpose power supplies designed specifically for laboratory test and systems applications requiring variable DC sources with good regulation and low output ripple characteristics. Models of the 3300 Series are constant current/constant voltage supplies with an automatic crossover feature. They provide up to 1000 watts of DC power over a wide range of voltage and current levels.

Product Family: 3300, 3300D, 3300 D, 3300-D, 3300D-6016, 3300 D-6016, 3300-D-6016, 3300D 6016, 3300 D 6016, 3300-D 6016, 3300D6016, 3300 D6016, 3300-D6016,
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INPUT POWER (Standard)
Voltage95-127 VAC/190-253 VAC
Frequency47-63 Hz
PhasesSingle, 2-wire plus gnd

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten 3300 Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Ametek / Elgar / Power Ten Website