Keysight / Agilent N5102A Baseband Studio Digital Signal Interface Module
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Keysight / Agilent N5102A Baseband Studio Digital Signal Interface Module


  • Provides Either Digital Inputs or Digital Outputs
  • Flexible Data Formats
  • Flexible Clocking
  • Flexible Signal Interface
  • Simple User Interface

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• SCSI Cable, Part Number N5101-60003
• DVE Switching Adaptor, Model DSA-0151A-05 A
• Coaxial Cable, Model HG-58A/U

Part Number: N5102-60009
Kit Part Number: N5102-60008

Stock # 64616-5

• Agilent Differential I/O Dual 38 Pin, Part Number N5102-20005
• Agilent Differential I/O Dual 100 Pin, Part Number N5102-20006
• Agilent Loop Back Test Single Ended 10 Dual 40 Pin, Part Number N5102-20003
• Agilent Single Ended I/O Dual 20 Pin, Part Number N5102-20004
• Agilent Single Ended I/O 68 Pin, Part Number N5102-20007
• SCSI Cable, Part Number N5101-60003
• Lambda Switching AC Adaptor, Model DT-30U-050

Part Number: N5102-60009
Kit Part Number: N5102A-FG

Stock # 64616-2

Part Numbers: E4400-60549, E4400-63768, E4400-63583, E4400-20583

Stock # 64616-1

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The N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module provides fast and flexible digital inputs or outputs for the E4438C ESG or E8267C PSG vector signal generator. In output mode, the user can deliver realistic complex-modulated signals such as W-CDMA, 1xEV-DV, custom pulses, WLAN, TDMA and many others directly to the user's digital transceivers, components and subsystems. In the input mode, the interface module matches the user's digital input to the signal generator’s baseband system, providing a flexible and calibrated way of upconverting to analog IF, RF or uW frequencies. The interface module adapts to the user's device with a wide variety of data formats, clock features, and signaling. With its selection of logic types and connector types, the interface module connects easily into the user's test system, in most cases eliminating the need for custom fixtures.

Product Family: N5102A, N-5102A, N 5102A, N5102-A, N-5102-A, N 5102-A, N5102 A, N-5102 A, N 5102 A
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