Tektronix PAL 521A Vectorscope
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Tektronix PAL 521A Vectorscope


  • Measure Luminance, Hue, and Colour Bar Amplitude
  • Two Independent or Time Shared Signal Inputs
  • Accurate Chrominance and Luminance Gain

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This Tektronix 521A PAL Vectorscope is used and in excellent condition.

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The Tektronix 521A PAL Vectorscope measures luminance, hue, and colour bar amplitude of the PAL colour television signal. All silicon solid-state circuitry provides low power consumption and cool, quiet operation. The 521A allows continuous monitoring of the signal. Self-canceling pushbutton switches permit rapid selection of television signal characteristics, and internal calibration signals.

The 521A decodes colours signals to recover chrominance and luminance information. The demodulated colour information is used in the VECTOR PAL, VECTOR NTSC, R, G, B, U, V, Differential Gain, and Differential Phase displays. The luminance component of the colour signal viewed in the Y mode, or reapplied to the demodulated chrominance signal to provide R, G, and B displays. +V and -V lines of a signal can be displayed individually or together.

Product Family: PAL 521A, PAL521A, 521 A, PAL 521 A
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