National Instruments cFP-BP-4 / cFP-BP-8 Compact Fieldpoint Backplanes
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National Instruments cFP-BP-4 / cFP-BP-8 Compact Fieldpoint Backplanes


  • Side and Bottom Grounding Lugs
  • Screw-Down Connection
  • Four I/O Modules
  • 37-Pin D-Sub I/O Connection

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Part Numbers: 188546F-01, 189084A-01, 189608A-01, 189608B-01, 778617-04, 188546E-01, 188546B-01, 188546G-01L

This unit has a dented frame, however this does not affect the functionality of the unit.

View Photo of dented frame.

Part Number(s): 188530J-01, 188530E-01, 188530C-01, 188530G-01, 188530D-01, 778617-08, 189608A-01, 188530H-01

This backplane has a couple of small cracks in it; however, this will not affect its ability to function properly.

Part Number(s): 188530J-01

View Representative Photo of cracks on backplane.

This unit ships in the sealed manufacturer's packaging.

Part Number(s): 188530J-01, 188530H-01, 778617-08

Part Number: 188530J-01, 778617-08

This unit includes (4) 39-Pin Connector Cables. (View Photo) of included cables.

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The National Instruments cFP-BP-4 Compact FieldPoint 4-Slot Backplane is constructed of extruded metal with grounding lugs on the bottom, feature screw-down connections for a controller module, four I/O modules, and 37 pin D-Sub connectors for I/O connections. The backplanes all come with a cFP-PM-H horizontal mounting bracket, which provides mounting holes on either side of the backplane so you can mount it to a panel.

Product Family: cFP-BP-4, cFPBP4, cFP-BP4, cFP-BP 4, cFPBP 4, cFPBP-4, cFP BP4, cFP BP-4, cFP-BP-8, cFPBP8, cFP-BP8, cFP-BP 8, cFPBP 8, cFPBP-8, cFP BP8, cFP BP-8, 778617-04, 778617-08
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Dimensions (L x W in) 9.68 x 5

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

National Instruments cFP-BP-4 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to National Instruments Website