Emerson Motion Control EN Series Digital Servo Drive
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Emerson Motion Control EN Series Digital Servo Drive


  • Use as Stand Alone Servo Axis with Inegrated Motion Control
  • Position Tracker - Analog Mode
  • Analog Torque Mode
  • Digital Velocity Preset
  • Pulse Mode

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• Rated Output Current (Continuous): 4.5 A
• Rated Output Current (Peak): 9 A
• Power Rating: 1750 W
• 3 Phase

Part Number: 960500-02, 960500-06

Stock # 64781-3

This unit is also known as the Control Techniques EN-208 Digital Servo Drive.

• Rated Output Current (Continuous): 9 A
• Rated Output Current (Peak): 18 A
• Power Rating: 2750 W
• 3 Phase

Part Number: 960501-02, 960501-06, 960501-10

Stock # 64781-1

• Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
• Outputs: 4
• Output Power: 100W
• Operation: Swtiching

Stock # 46841-1

• Rated Output Current (Continuous): 13A
• Rated Output Current (Peak): 26A
• Power Rating: 4340W
• 3 Phase

Part Number: 960502-06

Stock # 64781-2

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EN drives are stand-alone, fully digital brushless servo drives designed and built to reliably provide high performance and flexibility without sacrificing ease of use.

The use of State-Space algorithms make tuning very simple and forgiving. The drives are designed to operate with up to a 10:1 inertia mismatch right out of the box. Higher (50:1 and more) inertial mismatches are possible with two simple parameter settings.

The Epsilon Eb and EN base drives can be quickly configured to many applications in less than 5 minutes with PowerTools FM software on a PC running Windows® 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000.

Complete diagnostics are provided for quick troubleshooting. A diagnostic display on the front of the drive informs the user of the operational or fault status. The last 10 faults are stored in non-volatile memory along with a time stamp for easy recall.

Product Family: EN-214, EN 214, EN214, 960502-06, 96050206, 960502 06
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