Gopel PXI 1149.1 Boundary Scan Controller Modules
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Gopel PXI 1149.1 Boundary Scan Controller Modules


  • 2 Independent / 8 Synchronized TAPs
  • User Programmable Test Clock
  • Programmable I/O Level for TAPs
  • Configurable 32-Bit PIO

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This Gopel PXI 1149.1-B Boundary Scan Controller Module is used and in excellent condition.


• TAP(s): 2/8
• TAP I/O Level: 1.8..3.3V/5V Tolerant
• TCK Max: 30 MHz
• SPACE Architecture: Yes
• Trigger: PXI/ext.
• Clock: PXI/Int./ext.
• Local Bus: 16 Lines
• SCP Bus: Yes

Part Number: 180-010

Stock # 65102-1

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The Gopel PXI 1149.1 Boundary Scan Controller Modules exploits all features of the PXI platform defined for device interoperability and synchronization. Scan operation can be controlled on bit, burst or vector level (handshake) via the trigger lines from other instruments or vice versa. The use of 10 MHz reference clock for entire device operation is possible too.

Due to the accessibility of trigger and clock lines from outside and the support of both local buses, additional integration flexibility is achieved. Thus modular and portable Boundary Scan testers with excellent performance, ideally suited for laboratory and production, are easily configured.

Beside the IEEE 1149.1 controller, the instruments contain two further resources – the 32 bit PIO and the SCP bus controller. The latter unit is needed for working with GOEPEL electronics’ SCANPLUSTM modules which enable the test of not directly scanable parts of the Unit Under Test (UUT). The 32 bit PIO is a general purpose unit for driving or sensing digital signals synchronized to scan bursts.

The Boundary Scan approach is very data intensive. At times, several gigabit have to be handled. The patent pending SPACETM (Scan Power Acceleration by Cellular Encoding) architecture developed by GOEPEL electronics allows continuous bursts with arbitrary length. In difference to traditional solutions that work with linear buffers or fixed data compression, SPACETM is comparable to a serial micro sequencer. Therefore, it can generate complete vector sets on board without host access for two independed TAPs simultaneously. Every TAP has 3 additional fully synchronized TDI signals. This allows gang programming and testing of up to 8 targets. SPACETM also enables real time response pattern comparison and scan synchronized PIO operation. Thus pulse generation with flexible length or event polling become possible.

The PXI 1149.1 instruments are compatible with all industry standard vector formats like SVF, TDS, JAMTM, TBC and COC. Respective translators are available upon request. Every controller is provided with a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and drivers for LabVIEWTM and LabWindows/CVITM. These drivers allow scan command executions like DRSCAN/IRSCAN and resource access. Features such as Automatic Test Program Generation (ATPG), automatic diagnosis, in-system-programming of FPGA/PLD and Flash EEPROM, high level debugger and strategizer are achieved by using GOEPEL electronics’ leading Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCONTM.

The type of controller fitting your requirements best depends on application complexity. For standard test procedures like interconnection tests or simple cluster tests and FPGA programming, PXI 1149.1-A is the right choice. To cover FLASH programming or complex cluster tests and device tests, PXI 1149.1-B is recommended. Due to the cross compatibility of the new PXI instruments with other controllers from GOEPEL electronics (PCI, VXI, PC/AT, PC CARD, ...) migration of existent test programs is easy. For UUTs with more than two TAPs, an extension box with 8 TAPs is available upon request.

Product Family: PXI 1149.1-A, PXI 1149.1 A, PXI 1149.1A, PXI-1149.1-A, PXI-1149.1 A, PXI-1149.1A, PXI1149.1-A, PXI1149.1 A, PXI1149.1A, PXI 1149.1-B, PXI 1149.1 B, PXI 1149.1B, PXI-1149.1-B, PXI-1149.1 B, PXI-1149.1B, PXI1149.1-B, PXI1149.1 B, PXI1149.1B
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Goepel PXI 1149.1 Datasheet (pdf) 
Goepel PXI/PCI Guide (pdf) 
Link to Gopel Website