EPLAX / Bicc-Vero VME Form Factor Extender
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EPLAX / Bicc-Vero VME Form Factor Extender


  • Allows Boards of Different Depths to be Used in the Same Depth Card Cage
  • Outer Ground Planes for Mechanical Protection and EMI/RFI Shielding
  • High Performance Stripline Design
  • Test Points for All Pins of J1 and J2

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This EPLAX GmbH / Bicc-Vero 60mm VME STUB Extender (J1 / J2) is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 243-47629

Stock # 65129-1

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VME Extenders
EPLAX GmbH / Bicc Vero VME Extenders are designed to allow boards of different depths to be used in the same depth card cage.

Test Extenders
EPLAX GmbH / Bicc Vero Test Extender Boards are designed to bring a circuit card completely out of a card cage or enclosure so that it can be tested or debugged.

Product Family: 243-47629, 24347629, 243 47629
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