Emerson / Motorola / Force Computers SYS68K CPU-31X Single Board Computer
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Emerson / Motorola / Force Computers SYS68K CPU-31X Single Board Computer


  • 25 MHz MC68030 Processor
  • Flexible High-Bandwidth Synchronous Bus
  • 68020 Compatible Integer Unit
  • Memory Management Unit
  • Independent Data and Instruction Memory Management Units
  • Dual 256-Byte On-Chip Caches for Instructions and Data
  • 4 Gbyte Addressing Range
  • Upward User Object Code Compatible with the 68020

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This Force Computers / Motorola CPU-31X SYS68K Single Board Computer is used and in excellent condition.

• 25 MHz Motorola MC68030 Processor
• NEC FGA-002A VME Interface Chip
• SMDP06 Board Installed

Part Number: 101313

Stock # 61763-3

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This CPU board is a high performance single-board computer based on the 68030 microprocessor and the VMEbus. The CPU board also includes an enhanced Floating Point Coprocessor 68882. The board design utilizes all of the features of the powerful FORCE Gate Array FGA-002.

Product Family: SYS68K, SYS-68K, SYS 68K, SYS68-K, CPU-31X, CPU31X, CPU 31X, CPU31, CPU-31, CPU31, CPU 31
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