Agilent / HP J1407A OmniBER 720 Communications Performance Analyzer
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Agilent / HP J1407A OmniBER 720 Communications Performance Analyzer


  • Multi-Rate Transmission Testing from OC-1 to OC-48 and STM-0 to STM-16 Optical
  • Supports Concatenated Payloads of STS-48c to VT 1.5 and AU-4-16c to TU-11
  • Optical Power and Line Frequency Measurements
  • Powerful Thru-Mode Testing for SDH/SONET Ring Turn-Up
  • Comprehensive SDH/SONET Overhead Testing
  • J0 Section Trace for DWDM Testing
  • J1 and J2 Path Trace for Network Path Testing
  • Line Frequency Offset
  • Fast Access to Key Measurement Tasks via SmartTest

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This Agilent / HP J1407A OmniBER 720 is used and in excellent condition. Optical interface: PC

The following options are installed:
• 001: SDH ITU-T Standard
• 104: 1310nm Optical Interface
• 601: GPIB, RS-232, Parallel, and LAN Interfaces
• 602: Lid Printer
• Fitted with 2.5 Gb/s Functional BER
• Firmware Revision: A.05.97

This instrument includes the standard Agilent optical interface (View Photo). The Agilent 81000xI Series optical interface connectors are sold separately. They are available for purchase from our website here: (Item #50516).

Stock # 65306-1

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The OmniBER Communications Performance Analyzer provides all the test capability you need to fully verify the performance of today’s high-capacity transmission systems and networks.

This product can support multi-rate transmission testing from OC-1 to OC-48 and STM-0 to STM-16 optical. It also supports concatenated payloads of STS-48c to VT 1.5 and AU-4-16c to TU-11. The J1704A offers optical power and fine frequency measurements and has powerful thru-mode testing for SDH/SONET ring turn-up. There is also comprehensive SDH/SONET overhead testing and J0 section trace for DWDM testing. The product offers the capability of J1 and J2 path trace for network path testing and line frequency offset. The J1407A has fast access to key measurement tasks via SmartTest.

Product Family: OmniBER 720, OmniBER720, OmniBER-720, J1407A, J1407 A, J1407-A, 37720
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