S.I.E. Computing Solutions / Carlo Gavazzi CSBC1200 Series Computer Systems
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S.I.E. Computing Solutions / Carlo Gavazzi CSBC1200 Series Computer Systems


  • Intel Pentium III or Celeron Processor with On-die 256KB or 128KB L2 Cache
  • Intel 82440BX AGPset
  • Up to 768MB SDRAM, ECC Level 2
  • Dual PCI 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Controllers
  • USB, Serial, and Parallel Ports
  • Ultra DMA/33 IDE and Ultra2 Wide SCSI
  • Front and Rear I/O, Full Hot Swap Support

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This S.I.E. Computing Solutions / Carlo Gavazzi CSBC1200-P1000 with SCSI is used and in excellent condition.

CSBC1200-P1000 Configuration:
• 1 GHz Pentium III Processor

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The S.I.E. Computing Solutions / Carlo Gavazzi CSBC1200 provides your choice of either the Intel Pentium III or the Intel Celeron FC-PGA processor with 256KB or 128KB full-core-speed on-die L2 cache, respectively, supported by the Intel 440BX AGP set. The system CPU card, with three memory sockets providing up to 768MB of 100MHz PC SDRAM (with ECC support), has numerous on-board functions, including an AGP video controller (Intel® 69030), USB, serial and parallel ports, and floppy interfaces. The PCI Ultra DMA/33 IDE (33MB/sec) and Ultra2 Wide SCSI (80MB/sec) connectors, as well as dual 10/100Mb Ethernet controllers, are on the PCI Bus at Level 0. The board supports up to seven bus master CompactPCI slots. I/O is available through the front panel or an optional rear 80mm transition module. An optional mezzanine card provides a second PCI bridge (enabling support for up to 14 available CompactPCI slots) and a floppy and/or hard drive, making the CSBC1200 a complete computer-on-a-board.

The Phoenix Technologies AwardBIOS, in boot block flash, supports software enable/disable of SCSI, video override, serial/parallel port remapping/disable, PCI Bus Scan and ACPI 1.0/APM 1.2. Multi-level PCI-to-PCI bridging and full Hot Swap compliance are supported. The SBC provides a software programmable two-stage watchdog timer with a battery-backed real-time clock. Backplane voltages, CPU temperature, and fan speeds can be monitored locally via the on-board CMOS setup utility. A two year limited warranty is standard.

Product Family: CSBC1200-C566, CSBC1200-C733, CSBC1200-C850, CSBC1210-C566, CSBC1210-C733, CSBC1210-C850, CSBC1200-P600, CSBC1200-P700, CSBC1200-P850, CSBC1200-P1000, CSBC1210-P600, CSBC1210-P700, CSBC1210-P850, CSBC1210-P1000, CTM80-CBX02, CM-CBXBR01, CSBC1200 C566, CSBC1200 C733, CSBC1200 C850, CSBC1210 C566, CSBC1210 C733, CSBC1210 C850, CSBC1200 P600, CSBC1200 P700, CSBC1200 P850, CSBC1200 P1000, CSBC1210 P600, CSBC1210 P700, CSBC1210 P850, CSBC1210 P1000, CTM80 CBX02, CM CBXBR01
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