Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 SVME-160 VME Module
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Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 SVME-160 VME Module


  • 68040 CPU at 25 MHz
  • Ten 32-Pin JEDC Sites
  • Off-Card Battery Back-Up for SRAM
  • 512 Byte Serial EEPROM
  • Advanced VME Interface Chip (SCV64)
  • Three 16-Bit Cascadable Counter/Timers
  • Two EIA-423-Compatible Serial Channels
  • Three General Purpose P2 I/O Lines
  • Real-Time Calendar Clock (RTCC)
  • Tick and Watchdog Timers
  • Built-In-Test
  • Foundation Firmware
  • Conduction Cooled

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This Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 SVME-160-448 VME Module is new from surplus stock. This module does not have the standard VME front panel. Please see photo for more information.

Part Number: 900796-015

Stock # 65387-1

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The Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 SVME-DMV-160 SBC combines a high-performance, 25 MHz 68040 processor and up to 4M bytes of memory on one VME/VSB-compatible circuit card. Some of the important utility features found on the SVME/DMV-160 SBC include two serial ports, RTCC, and ten 32-pin JEDEC sites. The SVME/DMV-160's design features address mission-critical demands of military and aerospace systems integrators with increased computing performance, selftest coverage and functional density.

The card supports DY 4 Systems' common features including an AVICS-based VMEbus interface, Built-In-Test (BIT), BI-mode®, location monitor, and Auto ID. These features bring benefits in performance, logistics and maintenance.

DY 4's custom-designed SCV64 chip implements all VMEbus interface functions with software-programmable features. It combines low-latency access to the VMEbus with high sustained throughputs. Built-In-Test (BIT) hardware features verify all operational circuits on the module. Bus Isolation mode (BI-mode®) increases ease of testing and system fault location. The location monitor supports efficient interprocessor messaging, to minimize overhead in real-time software.

Product Family: SVME160, SVME 160, SVME 160, SVME160448, SVME160-448, SVME160 448, SVME 160448, SVME 160-448, SVME 160 448, SVME-160448, SVME-160-448, SVME-160 448
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Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 SVME-160 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Curtiss-Wright / DY-4 Website