Tait Quasi-Synchronous Communication Systems
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Tait Quasi-Synchronous Communication Systems


  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • Wide Area Coverage with a Single Frequency
  • Easy to Use Al-Informed Network
  • Modular System
  • Compatible with Existing Equipment

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This Tait T801 Frequency Reference Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: T801-00

Stock # 65573-1

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The Tait Quasi-Synchronous Communication System works by broadcasting simultaneously from several transmitters on the same frequency. The transmitters then operate as a single transmitter giving superior coverage.

A Tait T801 Frequency Referenct Module acurately maintains the frequency of the transmitters at each site.

Where required, the T801 allows small frequency offsets to prevent the occurrence of static nulls in the overlap area.

The T801 module may be driven from one of a number of frequency references, such as:
• Rubidium frequency standard
• Broadcast frequency standard
• Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs)
• GPS Caesium Clock

Adaptive Audio Equalization

The T805 series of audio processing cards provide the necessary control of amplitude and phase responses. The Line Equalizer Module (LEM) is self adaptive, and is able to analyze the characteristics of its neighboring transmitter, and adapt its own characteristics to match.

This process is known as training. It completely eliminates the need for manual measurement and adjustment of parameters. Any realignment that is required takes place in less than 20 seconds, per transmitter.

System Control

A personal computer System Controller is used to provide automated control and management of the system. It resides at the central control site.

The system controller:
• initiates equalizer adjustment
• provides engineering and diagnostic facilities
• logs all faults and changes in status
• logs system activity, providing an audit trail

Product Family: T801, T-801, T 801
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Tait Quasi-Sync Datasheet (pdf) 
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