Tektronix 5400 Series Mainframe Oscilloscopes
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Tektronix 5400 Series Mainframe Oscilloscopes


  • DC to 60 MHz
  • CRT Readout
  • Three-Plug-In Flexibility
  • Bench-to-Rack Convertibility

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This Tektronix 5A18N Dual Trace Amplifier is used and in excellent condition.

The 5A18N is a two-channel amplifier that delivers bandwidth of dc to 2 MHz sensitives to 1mV/div. The 5A18N provides difference measurements of two signals in ADD mode simply by inverting the Channel 2 signal. The internal trigger signal is selectable from either Channel 1 or Channel 2. Dual-trace X-Y operation is engaged by plugging the amplifier into the right plug-in compartment.

Stock # 66293-11

This Tektronix 5B10N Single Time Base is used and in excellent condition.

The 5B10N is an easy-to-use single time base. The 5B10N offers left and right source selection, auto and normal trigger modes, plus single sweep. The external input amplifier provides either 50mV or 0.5 V/div for X-Y Type measurements.

Stock # 66293-10

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The 5400 Series provides outstanding versatility and low cost in a 60-MHz, general purpose, plug-in oscilloscope system. It features CRT READOUT of plug-in scale factors, a three plug-in mainframe, a choice of 17 plug-ins, and easy bench-to-rackmount convertibility.

CRT READOUT is a feature previously found only on more expensive oscilloscopes. With the plug-in scale factors displayed on the CRT, measurement time is reduced, because the operator can concentrate on the CRT display rather than having to look down at the plug-in knobs. The CRT READOUT reduces operator errors by taking into account magnifiers and probe attenuators. The CRT READOUT can also be accessed externally, a feature found on no other oscilloscope. This unique ability can be used to readout dates, picture numbers, digital clock times, etc.

All the plug-ins in the 5000-Series are compatible with the 5400-Series mainframe. Thus, although the 5400-Series is new, it already has a wide range of measurement capability. The available plug-ins provide multi-trace (up to four) amplifiers, differential amplifiers, a differential comparator amplifier, transistor curve tracer, a 1-GHz sampler and delayed sweet time-bases.

Product Family: 5400, 5441, R5441, 5440, R5440
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