Newport / ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System, 64-Channel, Butterfly Package Type
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Newport / ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System, 64-Channel, Butterfly Package Type

This ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System, 64-Channel, Butterfly Package Type is used and in excellent condition. This system has (6) 48VDC power supplies installed. These power supplies are installed to power the LTS-9300 LDD/TEC drawers. This system has (4) drawers currently installed. It can be expanded to (6) drawers by adding (2) new drawers. Contact manufacturer for pricing and availability for additional drawers.

• Processor: Intel Pentium at 1.8 GHz
• Hard Drive: 40 GB
• Memory: 256 MB RAM
• 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Drive
• 2X Intel 8255x-Based Ethernet (10/100)

• LTS-9300 Application
• NI-488.2 1.70

Rack Specifications:
• GPIB 6 Output Controller
• APC 3000 Smart-UPS: Battery Condition is unknown. It is highly recommended that customer replace the batteries.
• 6X 52 Volt Power Supplies

Dimensions (H x W x L): 89 x 36 x 28 in.
Input Voltage: 208-220 VAC

Butterfly Drawer Specifications:
• (4) LTS-9300 Drawers, Each Can Hold up to 16 Butterfly Mounts
• Compatible with 14-Pin Butterfly Packages
• (16) Hamamatsu G5832-09 InGaAs Photodiodes
• (16) 10 dB Optical Attenuators

Laser Diode Driver, Butterfly, Specifications:
• Output Current Range: 0 mA to 5000 mA
• Set-Point Resolution: 1 mA
• Set-Point Accuracy (% of FS): ±0.1%
• Noise/Ripple: ±0.5 mA + 1% of reading
• Compliance Voltage (Min): 3 V (Non-Adjustable)
• Temperature Coefficient: ≤500 ppm/°C
• Short-Term Stability (1 hr): ≤500 ppm
• Long-Term Stability (24 hr): ≤500 ppm
• Current Measurement: 0 mA to 5000 mA
• Current Measurement Resolution: 0.6 mA
• Current Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5 mA + 1% of reading

Internal Temperature Controller Specifications:
• Control Set Point Range: At least 20-85°C
• Control Set Point Accuracy: ±2°C
• Control Set Point Resolution: 0.1 °C
• Control Short Term Stability (1 hr): <0.5°C
• Control Long Term Stability (24 hrs): <0.5°C
• Control Number of Outputs: 16 per drawer
• Control Current Range: 0-5000 mA
• Control Compliance Voltage: At least 7 Volts (Non adjustable)
• Control Algorithm: PID loop, Implemented via DSP
• Temperature Measurement Range: 15-95°C
• Temperature Measurement Resolution: 0.1°C

View Photo of Computer Interface
View Photo of Computer and Retracted Interface
View Photo of LTS-9300 Drawer, Retracted
View Photo of LTS-9300 Drawer, Open
View Photo of Digital Display and Emergency Stop Button
View Photo of APC 3000 Smart-UPS

ILX Lightwave's LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System, 64-Channel, Butterfly Package Type houses 64 channels in one 43U rack. The rack contains control and measurement electronics, test fixtures, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

An uninterruptible power supply is supplied to act as a continuous voltage regulator and transient suppressor. In the event of power failure, the UPS switches to battery backup power and notifies the computer.

A Pentium laptop computer is included with the system and is located in one of the rack drawers for easy access. Communication with the system and is handled over an IEE488 interface. A comprehensive software package allows complete control, measurement, and analysis including laser diode burn-in life testing.

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Newport / ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System

  • Concurrent Flexibility
  • Re-Configurable Over Time
  • Accepts Standard Package Devices and Chip-On-Carrier
  • Accessible DUT Space
  • Up To 5 A Laser Current Output


The Ultimate in Laser Diode Test Flexibility

The ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System offers concurrent flexibility: configure one drawer with COC devices in long-term qualification and use another drawer for burn-in testing of packaged butterfly devices.

When the user installs the LTS-9300, future flexibility is guaranteed. The user specifies the test system needed today, and the LTS-9300 allows future modification to the system as test requirements evolve. The user can add more channels, higher power laser drive, internal temperature control, or new DUT fixtures—and the rack never leaves the test floor.

The LTS-9300 is essentially six burn-in systems. That means each drawer can be operated independently. The user can even load new DUTs while the other drawers are running.

Open-Architecture Software

The LTS-9300 includes a comprehensive software package. ILX Lightwave's standard application software runs the rack quickly and smoothly. Once the test is running the user can monitor drawer status, individual DUT status, and even set alarms to flag your test floor operators when a DUT operates outside of the user's specifications.

If test requirements change outside the scope of the standard application software, the user's software engineers can use the ActiveX® programming tools to quickly develop the exact test software required.

Designed for Low Power and High Power Lasers

The LTS-9300 is designed to handle everything from low power transmission lasers to high power pumps. Thanks to expandable power supplies and a variable-attenuation optical power monitoring system, the LTS-9300 can handle laser diodes all the way up to 5 A drive current and 5 W output power.

Versatility is Built-in to Every Test System.

The LTS-9300 design team is driven by one vision: to provide the user with the most versatile and reliable laser diode test system. With built-in flexibility, the LTS-9300 is a valuable and reliable tool that advances your product line and keeps the user ahead of evolving semiconductor technology.

Application Flexibility: Life-Test or Burn-In.

Each drawer has eight slots for any combination of current source boards and internal temperature control circuit boards. For life-test systems, four slots can be loaded with four-channel current source boards for a total of 16 current sources, and the other four slots can accommodate four-channel internal temperature control boards.

For high-density burn-in applications, all eight slots can be loaded with four-channel current source boards for a total of 32 independent laser current sources.

Precision 5A Internal Temperature Control.

For comprehensive DUT burn-in and characterization, the LTS-9300 can be equipped with high-precision internal temperature controllers (ITC) for each DUT channel. Each ITC will output up to 5 A, and the user can enter the thermistor calibration constants to suit the user's devices.

Highly Accurate Case TEC Control.

Each drawer is equipped with a four-channel, high-precision, PID-feedback temperature controller that divides the drawer into four control zones. Combined with calibrated thermistor sensors, this approach guarantees high accuracy temperature control and low DUT-to-DUT temperature variation.

Monitor Laser Power Output During Test Cycle.

Each DUT channel is instrumented with a back facet photodiode measurement circuit. This circuit is used to either monitor the laser power output through the course of the test, or in the laser control feedback loop for constant power mode operation. The user can also choose to apply a 5 V reverse bias to the back facet photodiode.

Laser Voltage Measurement, Standard.

Laser forward voltage measurement is standard for each DUT channel, giving the user the ability to monitor all the critical parameters of each laser during the burn-in test.

Versatile Power Measurement Capabilities.

Front facet detectors for relative power measurement are also included for each DUT channel in the LTS-9300. As with the back facet diode circuit, the front facet circuit can be used to monitor the laser output power or in the feedback loop to control the laser at constant output power.

A variable attenuation mechanism lets the user use the same drawer for low and high-power lasers without switching the detector bank.

Add or Remove DUTs Easily.

The LTS-9300 features ample DUT space in each drawer. This makes it easy to load butterfly, DIL, mini-DIL, TO can, or Chip-On-Carrier devices simply by changing the DUT fixturing tray. This removable fixturing tray makes it a snap for the user to load your DUTs away from the rack, at the user's ESD-safe workbench. Load COC devices while they’re still in their manufacturing fixtures, minimizing the handling at a delicate stage of assembly.

With a standardized instrument interface, the user can create any type of device fixtures the user may need as your product line evolves.

Product Family: LTS-9300, LTS9300, LTS 9300

Important Notice: Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. are specifically listed in the above stock item description and/or displayed in the photos of the equipment. Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists if you have any questions about what is included with this equipment or if you require any additional information.

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Drive Current OutputUp To 5 A
Control ModesACC (constant current) or APC (constant power)
Case Temperature Control Range5°C—125°C, depending on DUT specifcations
Heat Rejection MethodAir or Liquid Cooled
Temperature Control Accuracy1°C
Internal Temperature Control OutputUp to 5 A, up to 12 V compliance
Control AlgorithmPID loop, implemented via DSP
Power Meter Range1 mW to 5 W rated DUT output
Detectors SupportedSi, Ge, or InGaAs
Electrical Input208 - 220 VAC, single or three phase
Size (HXWXD)89 x 36 x 28 in.
WeightApprox. 600 lbs.

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ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In SystemILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In SystemILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System
ILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In SystemILX Lightwave LTS-9300 Laser Diode Life-Test and Burn-In System
LTS-9300 Board with
Butterfly Mount Board and 14-Pin Butterfly Mounts

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