Abaco Systems / SBS 4427-V CCSDS Encoder / Decoder Module
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Abaco Systems / SBS 4427-V CCSDS Encoder / Decoder Module


  • Viterbi Decoding
  • Reed-Solomon Decoding
  • Symbol Deinterleaving
  • Frame Synchronization
  • Dit-Stream Derandomization

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The GE Fanuc / SBS 4427-V CCSDS Encoder / Decoder Module is a forward error correction module for the VMEbus. All functions of the Model 4427-V comply with those specified by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) in the Space Data System Standards of Telemetry Channel Coding. The integrated design provides a total hardware solution to the CCSDS Encoding and Decoding requirements defined in the CCSDS 101.0-B-3 Blue Book.

The 4427-V provides independent encoding and decoding operations. Standard encoding functions include Convolutional Encoding, Reed-Solomon Encoding, Symbol Interleaving, Attached Sync Marker (ASM) Insertion and Bit-Stream Randomization. Standard decoding functions include Viterbi Decoding, Reed-Solomon Decoding, Symbol Deinterleaving, Frame Synchronization and Bit-Stream Derandomization.

All setup parameters for the Model 4427-V are programmable via the VMEbus. Readback (status) from the module is available over the same bus.

Product Family: 4427V, 4427-V, 4427 V, 4427-V-0000, 4427-V 0000, 4427-V0000, 4427 V-0000, 4427 V 0000, 4427 V0000, 4427V-0000, 4427V 0000, 4427V0000
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GE Fanuc / SBS 4427-V Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Abaco Systems / SBS Website